Article 26 March 2021

Your new Electric Vehicle is coming…

In February, we reached the first anniversary of Plan Zero, our commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2025. One important way we plan to meet these targets is through a fully electric vehicle (EV) fleet. Many colleagues were keen to make the switch, so we met our goal of 750 EVs by the end of 2020; three months early.

With a goal of 2,021 by the end of 2021, we hope lots more of you will soon be trying out your new EVs. Mitie QHSE Manager David Storey shares his first-time experience with an electric car.

David chose a Kia E-Niro, a fully electric car with a battery capacity of 64 kWh. He was worried the battery wouldn’t handle the long-distance journeys he makes, but actually found that it was fine. Not only that, the added high-tech features in his E-Niro made his journey safer and more pleasant.

David’s car arrived “gleaming and packed with safety features”. Covid-19 restrictions meant the handover had to be brief, but watching a few YouTube videos about the E-Niro helped David get to know his car better.

After his electric point (Pod Point) was installed, David applied for his electric charge chard (RIFD) from Mitie and started planning his routes, including his longest journey from Middlesbrough to Glasgow. With a range of 283 miles, David knew he could make the trip on one charge, but he also knew using the car’s accessories could reduce the battery.  To be safe, David looked up charging units along his route, and found that there were lots of places he could charge his vehicle, using apps like ZAP and POD Point.

With one stop at Carlisle services to recharge the car (and himself), 45 minutes and £6.00 later, David resumed his journey and arrived safely in Glasgow with 80 miles left on the display. The long drive gave David a chance to learn more about the car’s advanced safety features like Lane Following Assist (LFA), and Blind Spot Collision Warning (BCW), which warns if a vehicle is approaching quickly in a nearby lane.  He said, “the car is a pleasure to drive and I felt safer driving this vehicle than any other vehicle I have driven”.

For the many colleagues who’ll soon be getting their Mitie EVs, David’s advice is this: “When you get your electric car, download some apps, get your electric fuel card, plan your routes and just enjoy your new electric car experience.”

“Mitie is helping the environment and our planet, but importantly for me, the car’s safety features reduce my risk of a serious accident, so Mitie are also helping to keep me safe from harm”.