Article 30 November 2022

Winter Support Package 2022

At Mitie, we work hard to deliver services that improve people’s lives and go the extra mile. That’s why we are successful. Thank you.

However, today the cost of living crisis is affecting everyone in Mitie – with higher energy and food bills, amongst many other rising prices.

So we are taking action; action to support our exceptional colleagues – in whatever way we can – and in whatever way we can afford.  And this last point is important.  We make just 2p profit from every £1 our customers pay us. That’s only a 2% profit margin.

But right now, Mitie colleagues need help. That’s why we announced a £10 million Winter Support package – a package designed to give you support and help across winter, as follows:

We’ve launched a new £1000 Cycle-To-Work scheme which means our lowest paid colleagues can take part. This hasn’t been available to every Mitie colleague before because of HMRC rules.

We’re gifting £50 to every one of our colleagues earning up to £30,000 per year. This will appear as an e-voucher in Celebration Hub to give you discounts in over 100 retailers, including Boots, Asda, Tesco and Argos.

We’re waiving the administration fee to use the Pay Advance product with Salary Finance. This allows you to draw down money you’ve earned before pay-day.

If you are new to Celebration Hub, you will receive the £50 voucher within a week of activating your Celebration Hub account. Please ensure that you have an email address stored in People Hub, if not please update and you will receive an activation email within 48hours. If you have any access issues, please contact the helpdesk on 0203 780 1891

We’re awarding a one-off bonus for those of you earning up to £30,000 per year. This will depend on how many hours per week you work:

Over 30 hours per week = £125           20-30 hours per week = £75            10-20 hours per week = £50

You can look forward to MyMitie Week featuring Team Talk Live back on the road around the UK meeting our people, combined with an online programme on how to make the most of your Mitie benefits package.

We will be granting everyone more free shares. This is our third such grant and I’m pleased to say that since the first one, our shares have risen in value by 25%.

And remember, in addition to the above, there are loads of discounts and deals for everyday items through MiDeals and advice how to access and access to low-cost loans in our new Cost of Living Hub