Article 6 July 2021

Why does Mitie matter to you?

Why does Mitie matter to you?

Hi all,

As hopefully you’ve seen during the first week of Team Talk Live 2021, the theme for this year’s event is ‘Why Mitie Matters to Me‘.

Well, we want to find out why Mitie matters to you! It might be that…

  • You’re passionate about looking after the environment and reducing your carbon footprint, and you’re proud of Mitie’s efforts in this space;
  • You work at an amazing client site, like Buckingham Palace or another important landmark, and you feel proud to come to work at such an interesting location;
  • You’re an Armed Forces Veteran, and Mitie matters to you because of our support for this community;
  • Or it could be that you’ve progressed in your career during your time with the business and you appreciate how Mitie has supported your development.

Mitie could matter to you for lots of different reasons.

Share your story with us in a short ‘selfie’ video (which you can just record on your phone) and we’ll turn everyone’s reasons into a montage which will feature during our Closing Ceremony. The first 30 people to submit videos to us with receive a ‘limited edition’ Team Talk Live t-shirt and badge.

Want to get involved? Here’s how to do it…

  1. Find a set up with good natural light. Make sure the light is in front of you and not behind. So for example, sit or stand facing a window.
  2. Hold your phone (or prop it up!) vertically, so the video is portrait.
  3. Press record and say…
  • Hi I’m [name] and I’m a [job title] in the [name of team/business unit] team, based in [location].
  • Mitie matters to me because ________________
  • End with: “And that’s why Mitie matters to me.”

If you have trouble recording this all in one go, feel free to film it in multiple clips and we can edit it all together.

Please sent your clips to no later than Wednesday 7 July.