Article 24 October 2022

We’ve polished our Stars- Our new and improved process to make it easier than ever to recognise a colleague

Celebrating the great work you do is an important part of our culture.

Your feedback was that the nomination process for Mitie Stars was clunky, not user-friendly and that it took a long time for colleagues to receive their Star. So, we’ve revamped the process to make it easier, more accurate, and quicker for you.

Changes you will see with the new process:

  • new form. The form has guidance and prompts to help you easily nominate a colleague for a Mitie Star. 
  • We’ve changed some of the questions we ask, so we get the right information to issue the Star quickly
  • We’ve made some changes to the monthly prize winner process. Each month, all the Mitie Stars nominations for an area are judged and winners are picked for the monthly cash prizes. They range from £20-£200
  • We now have judges for each area of the business including Group and Mite Shared Services
  • The monthly prize winners will receive an email with instructions to claim their prize on Celebration Hub.
  • At the end of the year, we will choose three Mitie star winners out of the monthly entries. The prizes will be £10,000 for first place, £5,000 for second place and £2,500 for third place
  • The annual Stars Awards will be in April.

We hope you find the new process better. We’d really like to hear your views at