Article 16 September 2021

We’ve launched our Plan Zero BoltON packages

Our four new Plan Zero BoltON packages offer simple solutions to help organisations reach their net zero targets. The packages are:

  • Pulse – remote building management that can do things like adjusting heating levels based on how many people are in the building.
  • Glow – lighting optimisation including motion sensors to turn lights on/off and LEDs that are more energy efficient.
  • Shine – installing and maintaining solar panels so customers can benefit from solar power.
  • Charge – designing, installing and maintaining electric vehicle (EV) charge points so companies can start to move towards an all electric fleet.

The packages can be easily introduced to suit different types of building because the sizes can be changed and they can have one, two or three modules put in, all at the same time or in phases.

We’ll cover the initial costs of equipment, like solar panels or EV charge points, and then we’ll charge some customers a monthly fee once the solutions are live. This means customers don’t have a big bill to pay upfront and smaller organisations can afford the solutions and start their journey towards net zero.

For the renewable energy package, customers will pay a fee that can be up to 25% cheaper than their existing rate.

The BoltON modules have been designed so businesses and can easily adapt and include them in their wider decarbonisation plans. For example, our customers can use the BoltON modules to launch their sustainability plans, before moving to our integrated Plan Zero solution that covers fleet, energy and waste management, as well as landscaping.

Pradyumna Pandit, Managing Director, Sustainability and Energy Services said:
“While sustainability is a priority for many organisations in the UK, financial barriers, lack of expertise and long payback times continue to slow down their decarbonisation progress. With our Plan Zero BoltON packages, we’re using our engineering as well as fleet and energy management expertise to develop solutions that help organisations kickstart their journey to net zero.”

The BoltON modules are only available to our existing customers and build on our Plan Zero commitment to use our fleet, energy, and sustainability expertise to help public and private sector organisations achieve their own net zero targets. We’ve helped customers cut 353,000 tonnes of carbon, the equivalent to around 11 times Mitie’s annual emissions, in the last decade.