Article 30 July 2021

We’re all going on a Mitie holiday

The students mostly aged 17 joined the Career Ready+ program, which entails 12 months of mentorship from a Mitie colleague and a 4-week paid internship. The students were welcomed earlier this month and are working across England in different areas of the business.

Career Ready is a social mobility charity, who believe that every young person should have the opportunity to enjoy a rewarding and successful future. 

It’s recognised that the future of far too many young people is determined by background and not potential. The partnership with Career Ready sits within our GivingBackprogramme. 

The internship is designed to give the students exposure to careers new to them, whilst also providing an opportunity to acquire new skills. The students have overcome some understandable initial apprehensions and are taking full advantage of the experience by networking, taking responsibility for daily tasks and immersing themselves in projects.

Jack Pounder one of the interns was asked about his experience:

“Since taking part in the Career Ready programme I have grown in confidence. I am travelling up to London on my own, stepping into a large corporate office environment and meeting new people every day. Making connections and finding out about the work they do for Mitie. Without the opportunity to do this through the Career Ready programme, I would not be in a position where I can truly understand what it is like to work in London. I am planning to memorialise my internship journey through the medium of film and present it back to my mentor at the end of my internship. I am hoping this film will benefit future interns in years to come.” 

Paul Baum, National Account Manager, MMC, Jack’s mentor, has spoken glowingly about Jack performance and attitude and has himself relished being involved in the programme.

“I believe the Career Ready+ programme is important as it provides interns with the tools to navigate the world of work. Growing up is never easy and I believe even more so in today’s society.  Those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds need to be given the same opportunities as those who come from privilege.

For me, mentoring within this programme is extremely fulfilling, I want to help my mentee by providing the support and guidance they will need to push themselves to strive for success in their lives”.

If you happen to bump into one of our Career Ready+ Interns at work, why not introduce yourself and share some insight into your career?

A huge thank you to our Career Ready+ Mentors, who have made it possible for Mitie to support 15 young people in getting ready for their futures.