Article 10 September 2021

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

Every year on 10 September, people around the world come together to raise awareness of suicide and how we can create a world where fewer people die in this way.

The latest suicides statistics showed that in 2018, in the UK and Republic of Ireland, more than 6,800 people died by suicide. Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy.

The campaign, supported by the Samaritans in the UK and Ireland, as part of the National Suicide Prevention Alliance, asks governments to make suicide prevention a priority, and help raise awareness about how we can each support each other better.

The theme this year is ‘Creating Hope Through Action’, so we’d like to ask you to take a moment to think about things you do to help you feel hopeful in a difficult time. You can share these on social media using the hashtag #WSPD and help to raise awareness of the importance of the campaign.

The Samaritans offer the following advice:

“When you find it difficult to be hopeful, remember that hope is something that you can practice and build upon bit by bit. No matter how small you start, allowing ourselves to linger on positive and hopeful moments each day can help us start to feel more resilient.”

Below are some of their tips to help you create space for gratitude and your version of hope. 

  • Go for a walk with a friend – connect with nature
  • Pause for a moment – try a breathing exercise, take time to appreciate, challenge negative beliefs.
  • Practise gratitude – keep a gratitude journal, remember there is nothing too small to feel thankful for.

Read more tips on the Samaritans website

The Samaritans also have loads of resources and advice on:

You may have seen a lot of difficult content today. Remember, Samaritans are open 24/7 for emotional support if you need to talk. You can call them any time, day or night, on 116 123, or email

Don’t forget, we also offer wellbeing support services to colleagues. You can find details of these on the wellbeing hub.