Article 3 October 2022

This year’s ESG report is a forest of success

What do 11,000 fewer tonnes of CO2, a 50% more diverse supplier list, and 1,000 apprentices have in common? Our 2022 ESG report! It’s out and we’ve hit all our goals!

In last year’s report, we set 13 ambitious targets as part of our social value framework. We’re pleased to say, we’ve achieved or exceeded all 13 targets against our people, environment, supply chain and community pillars.

Some of our key wins include:

  • Nine Mitie sites are now fully decarbonised
  • More than a third of our fleet is now made up of Electric vehicles
  • We have over 1,000 apprentices learning across 55 programmes
  • We completed 14.650 hours of volunteering

We’ve also helped our customers in their journey to go green. Our contract with Essex’s County Council has saved 534 tonnes of CO2, by installing solar panels, retrofitting buildings and using LED lighting. In total, we saved our customers 375,000 tonnes of carbon.

Jason Roberts, Director of Sustainability, Mitie, said:

As a business we have taken great strides to decarbonise our own operations, develop our people, promote diversity and inclusion, and buy responsibly, ensuring we remain on track to reach our 13 ambitious ESG goals by 2025.
We remain committed to our industry-leading net zero emissions target – 25 years ahead of the UK Government’s 2050 target and are harnessing that expertise to make a tangible difference to our customers by driving decarbonisation projects across Britain. ESG is now fully integrated into Mitie’s business practices to lead how we deliver our services to customers and drive social value across our operations.

Read our full 2022 ESG report to find out more about our achievements and our goals for next year. If you’d like to know more about social value at Mitie, click here.