Article 13 August 2021

The URIM ACT app is now available for all colleagues

Giving you access to counter-terrorism information and guidance

When you think about risks in the UK currently, the first thing that comes to mind is COVID-19 for our people and our business. But, sadly, this is not the only risk we face, and the threat of terrorism within the UK remains at a ‘severe’ level which means an attack is highly likely.

Your and our client’s safety is all of our responsibility, which is why we’ve pushed the official Counter-Terrorism URIM Action Counter Terror (ACT) app to all company devices and Intune users. This app gives you and the business access to the latest counter-terrorism policing information and guidance. We’ve made the app readily available for all colleagues because we believe you should all have access to and use the information available, including our Security Officers, Cleaning Operatives, Technicians and Front of House Colleagues.

The URIM ACT app gives you access to vital counter-terror policing information, enabling you to:

  1. Respond to and report suspicious activity directly to Counter Terror policing
  2. Access accurate and trustworthy alerts and information directly from Counter Terror policing, including,
    1. Instant messages in the event of an incident
    2. UK policing bulletins outlining the latest counter-terror news and campaigns to support organisational resilience
  3. Develop and implement incident response plans, e.g. evacuation, evacuation and lockdown procedures, using the assured advice from the app
  4. Shape the future content of the app by submitting feedback directly.

Please install the app and use the following details to log in:


Password: Urim123$

If you previously had access to the app through Interserve, please log out and log back in using the Mitie credentials.

To support the knowledge provided by the app, we also have the All Action Counter Terror (ACT) e-learning for you to complete.

By utilising both our ACT e-learning and the URIM ACT app, we hope that we’ve provided you with tools to play a vital role in keeping the communities we serve and us safe.