Article 25 March 2022

The Mitie Stars 2021 Annual Awards Winners

Some of our exceptional colleagues were invited to The Shard in London to receive the star-studded treatment this week as a reward for going above and beyond in their duties.  

Some of our exceptional colleagues were invited to The Shard in London to receive the star-studded treatment this week as a reward for going above and beyond in their duties.  

For the 2021 awards, eight colleagues from across Mitie were chosen out of more than 17,000 Mitie Stars. They were recognised for going above and beyond to deliver the exceptional every day in a year that was full of challenges. 

Each year we review all our Mitie Stars monthly winners to choose the best of the best as our annual awards winners. These are colleagues who consistently live our values, put our customers at the heart of what we do and go the extra mile to make Mitie a Great Place to Work.

The Winners 


Chloe Russell 

Chloe Russell who works for Central Government and Defence in Worthing as a cleaner won the third prize of £2,500 after she was nominated for demonstrating excellent behaviour with an incident at work.  

Chloe saw a young man, over the railings of a multi-storey car park, who was about to jump, to attempt to take his own life. She raised the alarm with the police and accompanied them to the top of the building. Chloe and the police officer managed to talk to the man and stop him from jumping. Chloe stayed behind to talk to him until he was allowed to go home. As a result of her brave actions, she prevented him from attempting to take his own life.  

“I was very shocked to receive a Mitie Star because I didn’t do it for any reward or recognition, I just did it from my heart. When I was in the building and saw somebody, I didn’t know it was our team member, I just knew it was somebody that was in need. I hope I’m never in that position, but if I was, I hope that somebody would stop and look up and help me. I knew he wasn’t thinking right and that wasn’t the right thing to do. 

“I feel really happy and a bit overwhelmed. I wasn’t expecting this, I’m really chuffed! I don’t know yet what I’ll do with the prize money – I’m going to keep it and enjoy it!” said Chloe.

Karen McDermott 

Winning the second-place prize of £5,000 was Karen McDermott,who is a detainee custody officer in Care and Custody and who works at Stansted airport. Karen was nominated for her excellent observation skills after she raised the alarm over an abducted child. Karen’s actions and concerns resulted in German authorities finding a missing child and saved a vulnerable minor from an extremely uncertain future.  

Commenting on her award win, Karen said, “I was chuffed about being nominated. You do things anyway, but this is for me the icing on the cake. Out of all the things I’ve done and seen, because I feel like I’ve saved that boy from a different life. Today has been amazing. Everything about it has been lovely and brilliant. I’m feeling very emotional. It’s the icing on the cake, out of 17 years. I’m so excited and honoured to be a part of Mitie. I’m going to treat myself to something really nice, probably a trip to New York next year, something to always remind me of this.” 

José Luis García, María del Val Fernández, Sonia Martínez, José Herradon, Luz Elena Orozco and Juan Soria 

The first-place award was given not to an individual but to a team. The team from Mitie Spain in Madrid were nominated for their handling of a horrific stabbing incident of one of their colleagues. It was a very difficult and traumatic situation but despite the pressure, the emergency and uncertainty of the situation, great teamwork was showcased.  

Every one of the team acted and together they raised the alarm with the emergency services, subdued the attacker and treated the victim until the medics arrived. The situation was truly horrible, and they rose to the occasion. The prize of £10,000 was shared between the team. 

 “I am happy to be here with the rest of the team, and proud because with the job of all the team we could save the life of Jose Luis,” said Maria. 

“To be all together with the senior manager of the company for lunch. It’s a great experience to the Spanish team that we are part of Mitie, one Mitie,” added Jose. 

Commenting on the day, Phil Bentley, Group Chief Executive and award giver, said, “Congratulations once again to our annual awards winners and everyone who was nominated or made a nomination in 2021, for the part you’ve played in our success. Here’s to recognising even more people this year.”  

If you know someone who has gone the extra mile for a customer, consistently demonstrates ‘we are One Mitie’, or has done something else exceptional whilst living our values, you can nominate them for a Star and give them a chance to win up to £10,000!