Article 13 June 2022

The Mitie Innovation Forum – how your support can drive us forward!

Deploying new and innovative technology drives efficiency, supports our Plan Zero initiative, and delivers exceptional services to our customers.

To encourage suppliers to contact us first with products and solutions that can drive us forward, we need to make the process quick, easy and slick for them. The new Innovation Forum launched last month does just that.

During May, we received a number of interesting innovation submissions which are being explored by our community of Innovation Champions. Over the coming months, we’ll be highlighting some of these innovations and making you aware of how they can support our business.

There are two ways in which you can support the Innovation Forum:

• Is there a challenge or pain point within your part of the business that could be solved by a technology innovation? Let us know about it! This will help us to shape our campaigns and outreach to ensure that submissions to the forum are as relevant as possible. Simply reach out to the team –

• Received an Innovation? If you’ve been contacted directly with a technology innovation, don’t ignore it! Simply direct the innovator to the innovation forum page (Innovation Forum – Mitie) – a simple form allows us to quickly see whether the innovation is worthy of further exploration.

Find out more about the Innovation Forum here: Innovation Forum – Mitie.