Article 25 November 2021

Thank you from the Royal British Legion

The massive effort from colleagues up and down the country to support the Poppy Appeal earlier this month is much appreciated by the Royal British Legion and the troops and veterans involved.

Katie Myles, who co-ordinates the Waterloo event for the Legion each year, gave a big thank you to all 26 of our people involved, saying everyone was enthusiastic, friendly, and hard working.

She added: “What you may not have seen (on Remembrance Day) was how much it meant to the troops who, in their very isolated worlds, do not realise just how big their public support is. 

“Seeing a large team like yours, having travelled from far and wide to raise money for a cause that protects them in their hour of need, is every bit as valuable as the money we raise.”

Our people helped raise £57,000 at London Waterloo, £50,000 at Birmingham Grand Central, £20,000 in Manchester and £10,000 in Leeds.

Paul Coates, Technical Manager North, Department for Transport, Central Government and Defence, who was part of the team in Leeds, shares his experience: “It was my first-time volunteering for this event and I was pretty overwhelmed with the public’s response. The time seemed to fly by as we spent the day thanking and exchanging war stories with some of our amazing veterans and the general public.

“It was a very cathartic, enjoyable, inspiring experience which I would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks to the Royal British Legion for accepting my offer of service and Mitie for allowing me a volunteer day to support them.”