Article 7 May 2021

Spotlight: Best Newcomer, Team and Security Manager of the Year at the Regional BSAs

“Wow. What a fantastic achievement by all the individuals and teams recognised at the Regional Awards. The BSAs are an extremely prestigious set of awards in the Security industry, so to take so many shows just how incredible a job the teams have done in the last year. I’m so proud of every one of our frontline heroes. Well done to all and good luck at the National Awards in June!”

Jason Towse, MD Business Services

After a record-beating regional at the British Security Awards (BSAs) on 20 April, we want to highlight the great work of our colleagues across the 25 winning categories. This week we’re covering Amanda Bartholomew – Best Newcomer, St. David’s Shopping Centre, First Response Team – Best Team, and Helen Hyman – Security Manager of the Year.

Amanda Bartholomew  – Best Newcomer:

Amanda’s store has been one of the most challenging locations to recruit a reliable and successful security officer for, until now! Amanda’s Positive feedback from the store is a first as they are thrilled with her performance, attitude, and the joy with which she goes about her work.  
Throughout the last 12 months, Amanda has proven herself to be exceptionally reliable, consistent in her approach to her duties, and particularly conscientious. She always completes all required learning and can quickly apply this to her day-to-day role. 

Amanda has become the security subject matter expert (SME), attending the daily briefings in-store to provide an update on local criminality, using crime bulletins from the crime centre and the best approach to tagging and crime prevention for the high-value target products.

She demonstrates consistency and enthusiasm for her work that drives continual improvement. She’s a great example of how people, systems, and intelligence make such a difference in retail security. 
“Without a doubt, Amanda is the best security we have ever had. She has made a significant impact on the store with her patrolling, visual deterrence, customer service and compliance with her daily checks and attending her briefing every morning.” – Liam, B&Q Store Manager

St. David’s Shopping Centre, First Response Team – Best Team:

Every member of the first responder team consistently puts themselves in harm’s way to ensure that customers and staff across St David’s, and the wider city centre, get the best possible emergency care. They are frequently called upon to take the lead in incredibly difficult and distressing situations. They have saved lives and will undoubtedly continue to do so; we are very proud of everything they have achieved and how they conduct themselves.

Over the last 12 months the responder team have:

  • Worked on the frontline for the ambulance service dealing with Covid-19 patients
  • Worked frontline for the fire service seconded to Ambulance service dealing with Covid patients
  • Volunteered to work in Dragon Heart pop-up hospital in the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
  • Assisted a female having multiple seizures in the shopping mall area whilst awaiting an ambulance for over 7-hours
  • Resuscitated a 4-week old baby who had stopped breathing   
  • Resuscitated a member of staff who had a cardiac arrest whilst at work
  • Volunteering for NHS work carrying out the national vaccination program for Covid Injections 

Well done team.

Helen Hyman – Security Manager of the Year:

Helen deserves this award for her willingness to go above and beyond for the cause, adapting dynamically to the challenges presented, and her foresight to anticipate future threats. Without Helen’s influence, the SOC would not be where it is today. She is a credit to M&S’ security efforts and the standard to which all security managers should aspire.

Not content with simply managing the M&S SOC, Helen has influenced their entire security solution by creating an industry-leading approach that uses SOC intelligence to deploy security resources where they are most needed. This resulted in improved security, greater peace of mind, and over £6m in prevented loss over 24-months.

Helen was also instrumental in creating, recruiting and developing a crime & intelligence team for the Co-op at the beginning of the global pandemic and leading them to the delivery of: ​​​​​​​

  • 70 arrests
  • 23 years imprisonment  
  • 32 Prosecutions  
  • 65 disrupted prolific or high-risk offenders  
  • Prevented loss – £155,572 

All the regional winners now go forward into the National Awards, with winners of the Nationals announced 30 June.

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