Article 30 April 2021

Spotlight: 2021 BSA Regional Winners

“Wow. What a fantastic achievement by all the individuals and teams recognised at the Regional Awards. The BSAs are an extremely prestigious set of awards in the Security industry, so to take so many shows just how incredible a job the teams have done in the last year. I’m so proud of every one of our frontline heroes. Well done to all and good luck at the National Awards in June!”

Jason Towse, MD Business Services

After a record-beating regional at the British Security Awards (BSAs) on 20 April, we want to highlight the great work of our colleagues across the 25 winning categories. This week we’re covering Mark Taylor – Security Manager of the Year, Lyndall Nagal – Service to the Customer and Darryl Toomey, Paul Taylor and Daniel Troupe – Best Team.

Mark Taylor – Security Manager of the Year:

Mark implemented the 12-week mobilisation of a £10m contract and subsequently doubled the £10m contract since taking charge. He also implemented a number of key initiatives that have had a quantifiable impact on Co-op’s security efforts and a noticeable reduction in crime. Among these initiatives was the introduction of our Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Merlin 24/7 intelligence software to the contract. 

His dedication to finding innovative security solutions has led to him implementing SmartWater SmartTag, Personal Safety Devices (PSDs), and body-worn cameras to the Co-op; the body-worn cameras alone have led to a 53% reduction in crime. 

From an operations perspective, Mark delivered a risk-based deployment model, enabling Co-op to manage their resources more efficiently, resulting in a more effective overall implementation of the company’s security efforts. His insistence on weekly dashboard updates has demonstrably improved communication between us and Co-op. 

The tactical response teams Mark introduced have worked closely with local law enforcement, creating a great relationship between the stores and the police and resulting in over 40 arrests. 

Undoubtedly, Mark’s dedication and drive have been critical factors in the success of the Co-op relationship to date, providing innovative solutions and engaging with all levels across our business and Co-op to ensure the best possible results.

Lyndall Nagal – Service to the Customer:

Lyndall has had an outstanding year working at JLL 4 Dover Street. She has proven herself to be an exceptional security officer that has offered the client a remarkable service delivery throughout the pandemic. 
No challenge or task too much for Lyndall, and she has made the role her own, taking the initiative to develop her own training material and guidelines to assist with the building operations. Our senior client for Jones Lang Lasselle has scored 100% at our KPI meeting. 
Lyndall has gone above and beyond with her personnel development, establishing herself as the top e-learner out of 100 security officers, partaking in 55 training courses on top of her day-to-day workload. In addition, Lyndall has just started a facilities management apprenticeship. She is truly remarkable.

In addition, Lyndall has taken ownership in her security officer role, going way above her expected level and offering the client a security management level of service. 
She assists the client with day-to-day management at the property whilst he has been working at home during the lockdown. On top of this, she also manages services at the property and ensures the service partners are fulfilling the expected level of service whilst keeping our client reliably updated.   
Adding to her list of accolades, she was also the worthy recipient of a Covid Mitie Star and a Mitie Hero badge for service excellence during the pandemic. 

Darryl Toomey, Paul Taylor, Daniel Troupe – Best Team:

Sainsbury’s have received fantastic feedback from the store management team regarding the work that the team of Darryl Toomey, Paul Taylor and Daniel Troupe have done over the last 12 months in the Hull store. 
Their efforts have seen the store reduce its losses significantly, and the store has emphasised that this is in large part due to the effort of our officers. They engage with local police and store management teams, highlight potential issues whilst engaging with customers and generally providing a safe place to work and shop. 
They work closely together supporting one another in what have often been particularly volatile situations. They have adapted to change, challenge and pressure and flourished regardless.

The store has recognised these officers for their efforts in-store, and the main thing that makes them stand out is their commitment and enthusiasm towards the role, taking not even the slightest bit of detail for granted and treating every penny as their own.

All the regional winners now go forward into the National Awards, with winners of the Nationals announced 30 June.

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