Article 16 December 2021

Speak Up

Our Speak Up procedure is there to help you raise concerns or issues relating to bullying, harassment, discrimination, health and safety, fraud or any other wrong doing. We understand that from time to time, difficult situations may occur, where you may witness or be involved in something which you are uncomfortable with or which you are concerned is unlawful or unethical. Equally, you may be treated unfairly or see colleagues being treated unfairly. If you or a colleague have seen or heard something in the workplace that you think is seriously wrong, that affects you and others around you, then you should Speak Up and report it.

This could be…

  • A dangerous activity that puts you or other people at risk
  • Unlawful behaviour
  • Harassment or bullying behaviour
  • An activity that is damaging the environment
  • Any behaviour or matters that are inconsistent with the requirements of the Mitie employee handbook, which is available to download from MiNet
  • A Mitie employee not following Mitie’s established policies or procedures

What should I do if I suspect serious wrongdoing?

Our Speak Up reporting tool, independently run by EthicsPoint (operated by Navex Global), allows you to report serious concerns confidentially by either:

  1. Staying anonymous and sharing your details with EthicsPoint so they can come back to you about your case and keep you updated;
  2. Sharing your details with EthicsPoint to pass on to us so we can contact you about your concerns or
  3. Staying completely anonymous, meaning you will not be notified of the outcome of the resulting investigation.

The Speak Up service is available 24 hours a day and you can either use the freephone hotline number 0800 949 6388 or log a report online

You can make your report in many different languages, and EthicsPoint can provide a translator so you can be confident your concerns will be understood. All matters reported through EthicsPoint will be carefully investigated as long as the reporter is acting in good faith and has reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed indicates a violation of company’s policies or is an illegal act.

What happens next?

Once the information is submitted via EthicsPoint it is passed to Mitie’s Investigation Team who will independently investigate the matter in an appropriate way.

If you’ve shared your details with EthicsPoint, they’ll let you know the outcome of the investigation.

What isn’t to be reported to the hotline?

Should you have any minor grievances in the workplace, e.g. queries with pay, holidays, performance reviews etc, we encourage you to report these matters to your line manager, another senior person or contact People Support via AskHR on People Hub or call 0330 1234 005, in the first instance. However, if you do not feel comfortable raising your concerns in this way, then you should use the anonymous Speak Up service.

For further detail on Mitie’s approach to bullying and harassment, discrimination, health and safety and fraud, please refer to your employee handbook.