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Welcome to the Science of Service

It’s not every day that we rewrite the rules of the Facilities Management industry…but today is definitely one of them… 

Based on a simple formula of Innovation + Intelligence = Impact, the Science of Service positions Mitie as a true industry pioneer. Our investment in technology, data and analytics is changing the game and making things better – from workspaces and buildings to our communities and beyond.    

Powered by technology, driven by data and made exceptional by our people, the Science of Service presents a unique opportunity to put Mitie at the forefront of a new facilities management marketplace.

What is the Science of Service?

The Science of Service is Mitie’s answer to the challenges facing facilities management today – empowered and inspired by the latest technology. It is an all-encompassing approach that positively benefits our customers’ world, enhances lives and assures a better, more sustainable future.

Powered by technology, driven by data and made exceptional by people, this new approach is already helping organisations to adapt by offering:

  • Complete, real-time visibility over their operations.
  • Using data to uncover insights which help every team prepare for the future.
  • Continuous improvement as services are constantly monitored and optimised.
  • More automated processes for greater efficiency and flexibility.
  • Exceptional quality services, every day.

We summarise the Science of Service with a simple formula that applies to any customer challenge:

Innovation + Intelligence = Impact

  • Innovation means finding new ways to identify, prevent and solve problems.
  • Intelligence means harnessing insight from data to deliver services with more precision and predictability.

So we can deliver Impact: better, more measurable outcomes and experiences for customers.

The campaign

Our advertising campaign has launched. It will be visible across social media, a variety of websites and in the trade press. has also been updated to feature the Science Lab, which is where we will bring our delivery of the Science of Service to life.

Our new launch video, shows how your work touches the lives of citizens every day. In this video the technology isn’t the story. The real story is the way the technology supports you, our exceptional people, in improving the lives of the people we serve. By demonstrating the human benefits of our delivery through the Science of Service, the campaign really sets Mitie apart from our competitors. It also reinforces the innovation and intelligence that make our ground-breaking approach possible.

Here are a couple of examples of the adverts you will see over the coming months.

This is just the start 

This is just the start of the Science of Service – and we’d love for you to get involved. We are now on the lookout for Mitie Pioneers, whose stories will be used in the next phase of the campaign. Pioneers are colleagues who have championed innovation across the business, making the Science of Service a reality.  So why not nominate yourself or a team member? We look forward to hearing from our most innovative colleagues.  

Mitie’s Innovation Forum

As we make the Science of Service a reality for customers, you can also help us to introduce new innovations to Mitie’s services. The Innovation Forum has been developed to encourage suppliers to contact us with products and solutions that can drive the business forward. If you know of any suppliers who would be interested in getting involved, simply ask them to submit their ideas through the forum. Find out more below.