Welcome to the Science of Service…

At Mitie, we’re building an innovative, data-driven world for everybody. And we couldn’t do it without you! Unlike our competitors, we believe that facilities management goes beyond the day-to-day. Our people are a part of our vision for the future – one of purpose and making things happen. Our latest campaign, the Science of Service, is our approach to making more possible, where innovation and intelligence come together to create impactful change for our customers, communities and each other. You’re a part of that too – scroll down to submit your Pioneer application!

Why is it important?

We’re already seeing how technology and data can make things better; from our workspaces and buildings, and into our communities and beyond. There’s a real science to creating buildings that are safe but exciting; to a team turning an idea into something tangible; and to all of us doing our bit for a greener planet. We believe a simple formula can be applied to any customer challenge:

And it’s you who makes our mission possible. From our experts to engineers; analysts to advisors; landscapers, cleaners to specialists. It’s everybody! That’s why we’re dedicated to doing all we can to give you the resources you need to think big, to help others, and to stay safe at all times.

At Mitie, we believe in being exceptional every day – and there’s an art to that. But the Science of Service is proof that sometimes simplicity can achieve something truly extraordinary. This is the Science of Service. And this is just the start…

So now you know what the Science of Service is and you’re feeling excited about the future. Here’s what you can do next…

This is just the start 

Tell us your story! We want to hear from people like you who are bringing innovation and intelligence together to make an impact for our customers, people and wider community. As one of our very own Pioneers, we’d love to tell your story in our internal and/or external communications.

Simply submit your details in the form below and we’ll catch up with you on the next steps.