Article 20 September 2022

Save over £140 on food shopping a year through Celebration hub discounts

The cost of living is a worry for many of us at the moment. But are you making the most of some of the discounts you can get as a Mitie employee?

Food shopping can be one of the biggest monthly expenses for many of us, with the average household spending £3600 a year on food shopping.

Through Celebration hub however, you can get access to lots of different discounts, including on food. This includes:

  • 5% discount at Sainsbury’s
  • 4% discount at Asda
  • 4% discount at Tesco
  • 5% discount at Morrisons
  • 7% discount at Iceland

With the average cost of £3,600 a year on food shopping, a 4% discount every time you shop means that you could save £144, which can go towards other increasing costs such as energy bills.

Jas Hudson, Chief People Officer:

“The cost of living is worrying for many of us and at Mitie, we want to support you through this. There are so many discounts available to you through Celebration hub, including savings on food shopping. It’s available to you now and in just a couple of quick clicks, so please log into Celebration hub today and if you’re not signed up then please sign up now.

How do I access these discounts?