Article 15 September 2021

Salary Finance Webinar Playback

How to get out and stay out of expensive debt

This September we’ve teamed up with our Financial Wellbeing provider, Salary Finance to take part in a ‘Crush your Debt Month’, designed to support colleagues with their financial and mental wellbeing.

last week Jason Butler, Salary Finance’s Head of Financial Education, ran a session on how to get out and stay out of expensive debt.

The webinar covered:

  • Why and how to change your money mindset
  • The CEO approach – a proven way to get rid of expensive debt
  • How to integrate the Smart Spending System into your life

Missed out? Watch the recording and Q&A.

Also don’t forget there is still time to enter, as part of “Crush Your Debt Month” one colleague will have their existing unsecured debt paid off up to £5,000!​​​​​​​

To have the chance to be selected, all you have to do is fill in this short online form by the 30 September 2021. Terms and conditions apply.*

To find out more about Salary Finance and their affordable loans repaid through salary, advances on earned pay and free financial education. Visit:

*To qualify, the unsecured debt that you put forward to be paid off must have been taken out prior to 6 September 2021.​​​​​​​

Important: The “Advance” product is not a regulated lending product. This is an option, not a recommendation. Mitie does not benefit from offering this service and all your communications will be with Salary Finance. Loan applications will be assessed to ensure the loan is appropriate and affordable for you. “Learn” content is for guidance and educational purposes only and is generic in nature. Salary Finance does not offer regulated financial advice. Please seek independent financial advice.

Watch this video to see Mitie colleague Collins talks about the positive impact Salary Finance has had on his ability to break the cycle of debt.