Article 3 November 2022

Salary Finance round-up

Throughout October we have been sharing information about the financial wellbeing provider we work with- Salary Finance.

Through Salary Finance you can get access to loans, advances on your pay and financial education resources. Salary Finance isn’t like a traditional lender, like a bank, so you’re more likely to be accepted even if you don’t have the best credit score. 

Here’s a round- up below of all the information we have shared this month and how to access the support you may need through Salary Finance. 

What you can access through Salary Finance


Salary Finance can offer you access to loans at affordable rates should you need to pay off debts including credit cards and overdrafts, or if you need help for unexpected expenses.

You’ll need to have:

  • 12 months service
  • An income of at least £6,000 a year
  • Be a current UK resident with at least 3 years of UK address history

Salary Finance provide personal loans with a higher acceptance than traditional lenders like banks, because repayment is taken via payroll, therefore you’re more likely to be accepted. Even if you have CCJs, have taken payday loans or defaulted in the past, Salary Finance may be able to help. Representative Rate 9.9% APR (fixed). For loans under £5,000, Salary Finance offers a price promise – if you get a better rate they’ll match it.

Pay advances

Through Salary Finance you can also get your pay when you need it rather than having to wait for payday- this is called Advance.

Through Advance you can get access to up to 50% of what you’ve earned every pay cycle, and as it’s not a loan there is no interest that needs to be paid. Advances on your pay are also paid quickly, usually within one working day.

Money Insights

Salary Finance also has a range of tools, videos, calculators and resources to support you with budgeting and planning. You can also download life guides on topics like buying a home, or managing your money with kids.

Take a look at the Salary Finance learn video.

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More information 

To find out more about Salary Finance and the financial support available to you, visit: or visit the Mitie People [Salary Finance] page.

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