Article 24 October 2022

QHSE team restore canal as part of Giving Back!

Last month several the QHSE leadership team used their volunteering hours to help restore a canal in Buckingham back to life. The team cleared reeds from a sixty-meter section of the canal, to improve the water flow along the canal and help increase its range of habitats. 

Team members had the following to say about the day: 

Sarah Smith – Group QHSE Director: 

‘As a team we were keen to do something a little different, so we decided to support the restoration of a canal. Hard work for all involved, but so rewarding and a great team building opportunity.  It’s great that Mitie offer their employees ‘Giving Back’ days; I’d encourage everyone to put their ‘Giving Back’ day to good use.’    

Stefan Szrama – QHSE Lead: 

‘We worked on a small stretch of water and as the day progressed (through the dirt, silt and reeds) it was difficult to see what we’d actually achieved.  However, looking back at the pictures, it’s really rewarding to see that we’d made a ‘real’ difference.  Dirty work – but so rewarding.’  

Rebecca Kibbey – PA to Group QHSE Director: 

‘What a fantastic day, getting stuck in with the team.  Beneficial to the canal society, the QHSE team’s mental wellbeing and supporting collaborative working.  A real accomplishment, a great team effort and a fantastic opportunity to give something back to the community.  Well done to all involved!’  

Take a look at the incredible work in this video

​​​​​​​Givetober is back – you can get your team involved today and help us reach the 3,000 volunteering hours in one month!

Since April this year we’ve logged 5,077 volunteering hours across Mitie as a whole and we would love you to help us to increase this by volunteering this October. We set an ambitious goal to achieve additional 3,000 volunteering hours in one month!

Remember – all salaried employees are gifted 10 volunteering hours per financial year, and our hourly colleagues can also take part upon line management and client agreement.

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