Article 13 December 2022

Prioritising your wellbeing- acting on your feedback from Upload

In the last Upload survey, 60% said that Mitie is actively looking after the wellbeing of its employees but that there was more we could do to support you.

Your wellbeing is important to us, so we are always looking at ways we can improve this. Over the last year, we have put in place a range of initiatives to support you. This includes:

  • Mental Health First aiders: We have trained more mental health first aiders this year, increasing the amount of mental health first aiders to over 350.  We have also created a directory and provided our mental health first aiders with green lanyards so it is easier to find a mental health first aider when you want one.  
  • Accessing health and wellbeing services: We have made it easier for you to access our health and wellbeing services. Authorisations for counselling through our Employee Assistance Programme has been removed so that you can access counselling straight away.  Referral through to occupational health are also quicker as we have removed HR authorisation for these referrals.  
  • Waived the administration fee to access loans through Salary Finance to support you with financial worries you may have
  • We have provided flu vaccinations for anyone not eligible to get them through the NHS.
  • We have run various campaigns and communications to raise awareness of health and wellbeing topics and the support available for Mitie colleagues.

For more information on the support services available, visit the Wellbeing Hub


At Mitie, everyone’s voice deserves to be heard.

So when we have something to say, MyVoice makes sure our message gets through – loud and clear.

By giving us all the opportunity to speak and be heard, we make things better, together. 

There are plenty of ways to share your insights and ideas for improving work at Mitie, including the employee engagement survey, Upload. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing what teams and managers have changed and improved because of the feedback you gave in Upload. Keep up to date here