Article 16 June 2022

Our Yompers have done it!

Congratulations to our ‘Mighty Mitie’ team who successfully completed the Cateran Yomp over the Platinum Jubilee weekend! The Cateran Yomp saw intrepid volunteers face 54 miles of hills and rare Scottish heat to raise money for veterans through the Army Benevolent Fund (ABF) – The Soldier’s Charity. Mollie Green, Mobilisation Manager for Business Services, said: 

“This was my first Cateran Yomp and what an experience it was! My fellow teammates got me through – the conversations, banter and continuous laughs were enough to distract you from the pain. The views didn’t disappoint either; 20 degrees in the Scottish Highlands, walking the lochs and over the hills (though at the time I was cursing them!). However the last 14 miles in the dark weren’t so fun – it felt like it was never going to end!” 

Gerry Nicholls, Operations Supervisor for Technical Services, is a former regular soldier who served over 23 years in the army before joining Mitie in 2010. He volunteered this year to offer food, water and moral support at one of the stops. 

“Our checkpoint was 3.5 miles from the end, so the encouragement went a long way to help participants focus and achieve the Gold award for the event. The added bonus was the pride of witnessing our amazing Mitie colleagues come through the checkpoint, knowing they were so near the end, which was a monumental feeling. The additional banter was free-of-charge, of course! 

“Supporting ABF throughout my military career has become part of my annual routine. This is a meaningful cause because you never know what’s around the corner – whether it be welfare, health or indeed care. 

Mollie added: “In the military, you have a different understanding of the support you may need, when either serving or a veteran. Knowing that a charity like ABF is there for you gives you a sense of belonging and makes you less afraid of not being able to support yourself either financial, mentally or physically. You also know that whatever happens, this charity will look after your loved ones if you are unable to.” 

Ken Allison, Senior Advisor in our Central Government & Defence team, commented: 

“We could not have done the Yomp without Stefan Szrama and Gerald Hyde who provided unstinting support throughout the day. We all have stiff limbs and blistered feet after what was a tough but inspiring day (and night), but that all fades away when you realise who you’re doing it for.” 

Congratulations to everyone who took part and supported this important cause. You can help our team’s fundraising go that bit further by donating to ABF