Article 26 October 2021

Our updated Domestic Abuse & Personal Safety Guides

Last year we ran an awareness campaign about Domestic Abuse and launched a Mitie Manager’s Guide to help identify the signs of abuse and how we can support our colleagues.

Since launching our awareness campaign we’ve built on the conversation and it has become more apparent that home and work issues cannot always be neatly separated. This has been exacerbated by recent Covid-19 lockdown regimes.

Domestic abuse and attacks on your personal safety are often associated with physical violence, but it may also be emotional or psychological. We understand that they can affect a person’s day to day performance at work and impact their job security and prospects.

At Mitie, we promise to provide a safe place for all colleagues to work, where you can thrive and be your best every day. So, we’re encouraging you to read and circulate our Personal Safety Guide and Domestic Abuse Support Guide. They contain valuable tips on how to stay safe, and how to tackle and report unwanted or threatening behaviour.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of the team, please email our network directly on