Article 15 June 2022

National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day

Today the 15th of June marks the first-ever National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day; a day to recognise and celebrate the critical work of all Estates and Facilities staff and their role in the provision of healthcare services. The last few years have caused a significant impact on all areas of the NHS and healthcare systems, with numerous challenges for those working within it and time and time again staff have exceeded every expectation. We would like to take this opportunity at Mitie to shine a spotlight on our amazing Estates and Facilities colleagues and celebrate all they do.

Adam Mitton – Director of Healthcare had the following to say “Our frontline heroes in Estates and Facilities play a vital role in keeping our clients’ services running smoothly to provide patient care and I would like this opportunity to thank them all personally. 

It never ceases to amaze me the incredible results they produce day in and day out 365 days a year. The Estates and Facilities staff are truly a shining example of what Mitie is all about and I am proud of all that they have achieved throughout the past few years delivering the exceptional every day.”

If you would like to recognise one of our incredible Estates and Facilities team on this day, why not fill out a Mitie Stars Nomination Form for a colleague who always goes the extra mile. More information surrounding Mitie Stars can be found on the People Hub.