Article 7 February 2023

National Apprenticeship Week: In conversation with Luke Crawford 

Throughout National Apprenticeship Week, we’re sharing the stories of Mitie apprentices, so that you can learn more about their personal experiences, and the value of apprenticeships. 

We spoke with Luke Crawford, Assistant Minor Works Project Manager, who is working towards a BSc in Building Surveying: 

Hi Luke! Tell us a about your current role and what you were doing before you joined Mitie 

“I was an administration assistant at a construction consultancy in London, before briefly moving into a project management role. My current role at Mitie as an Assistant Minor Works Project Manager consists of travelling to plenty of different sites, to manage minor works projects from the beginning to the end. It is important in my role to be able to manage communication between all parties involved in a project and ensure that we meet client expectations. All job requests are unique and the variety in projects has been extremely beneficial in the early stages of my career in expanding my basic building knowledge. This has given me a kick-start when going to university.” 

What is the favourite thing about your job? 

“Being able to deliver on the client’s needs and meeting their expectations on the completion of a project. This sense of achievement is very fulfilling.” 

What motivates you? 

“Knowing that the client is happy with the work that has been produced and the project management, and the goal of obtaining my degree.”  

Why did you choose an apprenticeship route, and how is it helping you in your career development? 

“I chose the apprenticeship route as I have always been more of a hands-on learner. My current arrangement, working for four days a week and going to university for one day a week allows me to gain on the job experience, whilst condensing the studies into just one day a week. 

“I feel like this is helping in my career development as gaining valuable on-site experience allows me to fulfil my job role independently, having complete trust from my colleagues that I can complete the work that has been allocated to me.

“As a result, this has boosted my confidence, and is beneficial for everyone.” 

What you like the most about working at Mitie? 

“From the beginning, my colleagues made it very clear to me that they are here to help. There is no question too silly to ask, this is the best way to learn. If you’re surrounded by colleagues with an enhanced knowledge in something that you’re interested in, why not take advantage of that! This has not only helped in fulfilling my current job role, but with my university studies as well. I have really been made to feel like everybody wants me to succeed.” 

Are you interested in learning more about recruiting an apprentice, or exploring an apprenticeship as a learning and development opportunity for your Mitie career? 

We’re hosting a series of lunch and learn events this week. Click here to find out more and register. You can also visit the Mitie Apprenticeships page to learn more. You can also learn more about our career and development offering more broadly.