Article 19 January 2023

MyStory: Marcus Allen

“I’m open about who I am, and my amazing team appreciate and support this.”

Marcus had been looking for a job that suited him for a long time before he came across the Mitie Foundation. The Foundation supported Marcus in finding suitable work experience opportunities and through the interview process. After a stint of work experience as a cleaning operative at Birmingham New Street station, Marcus now has a permanent position with us there.

Marcus is one of hundreds of candidates who have completed the Foundation’s Ready2Work programme and in the 70% of candidates who have secured a job from the programme. The Mitie Foundation exists to break down perceived barriers to employment for disadvantaged groups within the communities in which we operate.

Tell us your Mitie story.

I came to Mitie through the Foundation. I’d been looking for work for a long time, I was so keen to get a job. The Foundation were really helpful: they helped me to prepare for work and supported me with the interview process and some of the logistics. As soon as I started my work experience as a cleaning operative at Birmingham New Street Station, I knew I wanted the job!

I’ve tried various jobs before that just haven’t worked out for me. Here, my team look out for me and treat me with respect.

I really enjoy my role. Every day is different, and I meet so many different people. The people I work with are amazing. They back me and I back them – I describe us as a wolfpack! There are no words to describe how grateful I am for the support around me.

Ultimately, I’d like to work full time – I’m working up to it so I’m not overwhelmed.

Have you had good line managers?

My manager, Paul, has helped me so much. He’s taken the time to understand my problems with reading and made adjustments to ensure that I can work as effectively as everyone else. As a result, my reading skills have really come on.

All of the management team are approachable and patient with me – I really appreciate it.

How have you been recognised and rewarded for the work you have done?

My manager is always giving me feedback on my performance, so I know I’m doing well. He says my timekeeping and attendance are impeccable, which I think is down to my attitude.

I got a Mitie Star for the work we did as a team across the station for the Commonwealth Games. We were so busy and all had to step up!

What advice would you give to others embarking on a career with Mitie?

Keep working towards your goal. If things hold you back, keep pushing through and you’ll achieve your final goal!

Do you feel able to bring your ‘true self’ to work?

I show my true self all the time – I’m proud of who I am and not afraid to show it! I’m open about who I am, and my amazing team appreciate and support this.

Do you feel you can contribute your ideas at Mitie to make improvements?

Yes, I do that all the time. If I disagree with something I bring it up, but I make sure I do it respectfully.

What makes you proud to work for Mitie?

How they have treated me and looked after me. If I need help, they are always there, and I feel part of a team. It’s a great place to be!

Thank you, Marcus, for sharing your story.