Article 22 November 2022

MyStory: Darren Hobbs

“One of the biggest pulls for me to come and work for Mitie were the opportunities that Mitie give you.”

By joining Mitie’s apprenticeship programme, Darren was able to improve his confidence and gain professional skills.

Darren found an ideal apprenticeship opportunity with Mitie. Having now completed the apprenticeship he is now running the mobilisation for the most environmentally friendly building in Wales!

Darren is just one of thousands of dedicated Mitie colleagues, each inspired and enabled to achieve their potential. By combining innovation with intelligence and applying the power of technology, we’re supporting our people to proudly make a difference, every single day.

Tell us your Mitie Story

I joined Mitie from Lloyds Bank when an opportunity arose. I didn’t know much about the company but after some investigation, I could see that there was lots of opportunity. I joined as Facilities manager for the Lloyds contract – covering both the office estate and branches.  After finding my feet in the role, I applied for a regional position.  Although I was unsuccessful, the interview was a great learning experience. It was clear to me that I needed a professional qualification to back up the practical experience I had gained. I was given the opportunity to do an apprenticeship – a Level 4 – diploma in Facilities management.  I was looking forward to it – until I saw how much work was involved!

The apprenticeship took me just under two years to complete – it was tough- the pandemic added an extra layer of complexity as I couldn’t get out on site as planned and everything moved online.  However, I was delighted to complete the apprenticeship with a distinction!

Shortly after completing my apprenticeship, I was given an opportunity to move across to a new contract – I’m running the mobilisation for the most environmentally friendly building in Wales – the interchange in Cardiff.

Day to day, I really benefit from the organisational and time management skills that I learnt during the course – plus, at the age of 46 I’ve finally got my GCSEs in English and maths!

Has anyone at Mitie supported your career development? What were the standout moments?

I think I would have had more support had it not been for the pandemic. However, I had the freedom to be able to develop myself – I’m really open to training opportunities and improving my skillset.

How have you been recognised and rewarded for the work you have done?

For me, I see my career progression as the ultimate recognition – I’ve been given the opportunity to move into a new contract that really stretches my capabilities

What part of the benefits package do you value most?

I try to utilise the discounts – I often forget but I know they are there, and I do value them. I’m going to take advantage of the cycle to work scheme – for fitness and wellbeing but also to align with the green credentials of my new office building!

I’ve used the Virtual GP services for advice over the phone – it’s really quick and easy.  I also get private health care with my new role – I really value the peace of mind that gives me.

What advice would you give to others embarking on a career with Mitie?

Believe in yourself and take advantage of all of the opportunities available to you.

Do you feel able to bring your ‘true self’ to work?

100% – you’re only going to ever get the true me!​​​​​​​

Do you feel you can contribute your ideas at Mitie to make improvements?

Yes, I always feel able to share my ideas – but I’m also respectful of the thoughts and opinions of others – that’s what makes for a great working environment!

What makes Mitie special?

The opportunities to improve and progress are second to none. I feel that this really contributes to social mobility – you don’t need to have a degree or lots of qualifications. Anyone who joins Mitie can progress with hard work and the right attitude.