Article 29 November 2022

MySlice: Beth Eeley

Beth regularly benefits from the rewards and discounts offered by Mitie to buy presents and enjoy days out with her daughter. This is one of the many benefits Beth has enjoyed since joining Mitie in 2020. 

What’s your Mitie Story:  

After I’d had my daughter, I was keen to find a role that would give me the flexibility I needed to work around Nursery and childcare. I was also keen to work in an office environment where I could indulge my passion – numbers!  My role at Mitie is very varied – no two days are the same, I get involved with a lot of finance work, payroll and quotes. I’ve learnt so much since I’ve been here. 

I work part time, four days a week. There’s a culture of flexibility and trust within my team. I know that if I need to take some time away – perhaps for childcare or if I have an emergency at home – my manager understands – as long as I make the time up and I get my job done, its no problem.  

What makes you proud to work for Mitie? 

It’s such a well recognised brand – even my daughter, who’s three, recognises the logo and knows that its ‘mummy’s work’.  

How do you feel your career has been supported at Mitie? 

At the moment, the balance between work life and home life is perfect for me. However, when I am ready to progress my career, I’m confident that the opportunities are there. 

How have you been recognised and rewarded for the work you have done? 

I’ve received Mitie Stars in the past and was also recently Employee of the Month. I was rewarded with £50 worth of vouchers but what I really valued more was the recognition – a senior manager had put me forward for all of the additional work I had put in to ensure that our new payroll system was embedded effectively.  That this was recognised made me feel that the role I perform here is important and valued.   

What part of the benefits package do you value most? 

Definitely the smartspending app. Whenever I make any sort of purchase, I check the app first to see if there’s a discount available. I’d say I look at it at least weekly and use it for everything from coffee at Costa to meals out.  I’ve also used it in IKEA and Primark and, in the past, have used it to reduce the cost of my weekly shop. 

I’m always recommending the app to my colleagues – if they buy anything at all – particularly bigger purchases – I always ask if they’ve looked to see if there’s a discount! If you take advantage of what’s available, it really can make your wages go further! 

I’m also in the pension scheme – I was automatically enrolled which I’m glad about as I’d never have done it otherwise!  

What advice would you give to others embarking on a career with Mitie?  

Look into the benefits and discounts available from day 1. I wish I’d known about it earlier as I’d have saved so much! One of our supervisors recently bought a new house and he’s saved a fortune on furnishings and appliances by using the discount.  

Do you feel you can contribute your ideas at Mitie to make improvements? 

Day to day on our site – yes I do.  I’m not always sure that what we say across Mitie makes a difference. For example, we fill in the survey and not much seems to change.  Language is a real barrier for our operatives – so many of them have English as a second language. I’ve raised this on so many occasions but nothing has been done.