Mitie is more than a workplace. It’s so much more than a job.

It’s an opportunity, a possibility, a commitment. It’s a place we can all flourish and grow.

MyMitie is where we all come together. It’s where we share, reflect, celebrate and belong. It’s our chance to inspire and be inspired, to support and be supported. It’s where our achievements can be recognised, and where we learn what others can do.

From the benefits we’ve earned to the rewards we deserve. From the careers we can have to the stories we share. From the ideas you can contribute to the communities we help. MyMitie makes it all happen.

MyMitie is where together, we thrive.

Together we are Mitie.

MySlice – Where we benefit from our slice of the Mitie pie

MySlice is our slice of the Mitie pie – the valuable benefits we’re all entitled to, and that we all deserve.

We all earn our MySlice benefits through our passion and drive, our pride and commitment, and by doing our best every day.

They’re for all of us, for our entire team. And we’re proud to earn them together.

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MyWellbeing – Where we care for eachother

Looking after our people’s wellbeing is vital, because together we’re stronger.

Everyone’s wellbeing looks different. We understand the importance of a well-connected wellbeing network to support you.

MyWellbeing puts our people first. From mental health first aiders to our vibrant diversity networks. From our virtual GP service to our Employee Assistance Programme. And much more. Not only for you, but your family too.

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MyCareer – Where there are no limits to our future

Today is the first day of the rest of our careers. We all have the power to decide what we want to achieve. Through MyCareer, we can access all the support and guidance we need to take our careers in the direction we want to go.

We all have so much potential, and MyCareer is where we learn how to unlock a rewarding future. With our dedicated Learning & Development team by our side, and Learning Hub at our fingertips, we can discover that today is just the beginning.

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MyVoice – Where our voice can have a Mitie impact

Our voice deserves to be heard. So when we have something to say, MyVoice makes sure our message gets through – loud and clear.

MyVoice is our opportunity to share our insights about the work we do, the way things are done, and our ideas for improving how we do them. It’s our platform for positive engagement and a chance for us all to have our say.

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MyAchievement – Where we're recognised and rewarded

When we know that our efforts are appreciated, we’re proud to be exceptional every day.

MyAchievement is about celebrating the hard work that we perform together, and about making sure we all know that our commitment never goes unnoticed.

With Mitie Stars we all have the chance to acknowledge the amazing work that our team delivers day after day, year after year. By nominating a colleague, we help them shine a little brighter. It’s a light that reflects back on us all.

We also love to recognise long service, so those who have contributed so many years of hard work can expect our gratitude in return.

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MyCommunity – Where we make a difference

We know we want to make a positive impact on our customers, our communities and our planet. That’s why we forge bonds with our communities, and take time to make a difference for those who need us.
MyCommunity is where we take positive action to build connections. We share our skills, inspire and motivate, and give back. We raise money for charity, and help to improve our communities. We transform lives, by tearing down the barriers and unlocking potential. We hold the difficult conversations and deliver change. And we don’t just plan for zero, we lead the way in protecting our planet, one step at a time.
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MyStory – Where we share our inspirational stories

We all have a unique story to tell.
Where we come from, the events that lead us here, and our goals, ambitions and motivations, all make up our story.
Every one of us has followed our own path to bring us to this point, and only we know the challenges we’ve faced along the way. MyStory is our chance to share our experiences. We can help each other understand where we’ve come from, what we’ve achieved, and how we overcame obstacles. All the twists and turns of our personal Mitie journey.

There isn’t just one story. It’s many stories. And we thrive when we tell them together.


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