Article 16 November 2022

MyMitie is live – learn what this means for you!

From today, we’ll be sharing stories of colleagues in a new campaign that’s all about what makes Mitie great- our people.  

It’s called MyMitie, and you will see this campaign across our channels; here on, Minet,, in our offices on posters and digital screens, on LinkedIn and Twitter.    

At Mitie, we want everyone to thrive. MyMitie is a campaign which aims to highlight – to future and existing colleagues – why Mitie is such a great place to work. We spoke to colleagues who told us that what they love most about working here are the people who make Mitie great. MyMitie addresses this by being putting you first, in a campaign fronted by colleagues, telling their stories about what makes Mitie great.   

We know the cost of living is affecting many colleagues. MyMitie offers information about how to make the most of what Mitie offers – from support for the cost of living situation to career progression. 

MyMitie aims to remind you of the support, benefits, career progression and learning and development available to you. Did you know only 30,000 Mitie colleagues use MiDeals? That’s less than half of our colleagues knowing about and are making use of discounts that could save you hundreds of pounds on everyday items like food shopping and house insurance!   

From the benefits we’ve earned to the rewards we deserve. From the careers we can have to the stories we share. From the ideas you can contribute to the communities we help. MyMitie makes it all happen. 

Click here to learn more about MyMitie