Article 19 May 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week: Wellbeing in the workplace – how we can care for each other

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week has brought attention to anxiety and mental wellbeing, but looking ahead, it’s important to recognize that mental health conversations and initiatives don’t end there. Mental health is a year-round conversation that requires our ongoing attention and effort, and we can all play a part in supporting this.

Today, Sarah Smith, Group QHSE Director, is delving into how together, we can continue to support one another, beyond Mental Health Awareness Week:  

MyWellbeing is where we care for each other, and looking after wellbeing is vital, because together we’re stronger.  

It’s a sad fact that we often prioritize work over our own health, but here’s the truth: Taking care of yourself is taking care of your work. That’s because good health leads to good work – and the reverse is also true. When we’re not feeling our best, our work will inevitably suffer.  

So, how can we support each other in the workplace when it comes to wellbeing? 

The answer is surprisingly simple: communication. Communication is key to a happy and functional workplace – and that includes talking about our mental health.  

Checking in with colleagues to see how they’re doing, asking if they need any help, or simply listening if someone wants to vent – these are small steps that can make a big difference. This kind of support builds trust and helps people feel more comfortable being themselves in the workplace. Of course, it’s important to remember that a colleague may not feel comfortable discussing their mental health, and that’s okay. Everyone’s journey is different, and we should never force or pressure someone to talk about something they’re not ready to discuss. But we can all do our part to create an environment where it’s okay to talk about these things if someone does feel comfortable.  

Talking about mental health should be encouraged and accepted, not stigmatised or secretive. There is no shame in needing help, and everyone deserves to feel supported in their mental health journey. 

Another way colleagues can support each other is by sharing resources. You can look back at our articles from this week to learn more about: 

  • Our EAP 
  • Virtual GP 
  • The Mental Health First Aiders 
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  • Learning Hub courses 

And more! 

Anxiety can affect anyone, and it’s important to recognize that there is no shame in seeking support or help. Whether we’re dealing with anxiety ourselves or supporting a colleague or friend who is, we can all benefit from being more open and accepting when it comes to mental health. 

Creating a supportive workplace environment is essential, and it starts with small steps. By listening, sharing resources, and advocating for mental health support, we can make a big difference in the lives of ourselves and those around us.

Together, we can break down the barriers that keep us from open and honest conversations about mental health, and work towards a healthier, happier future for all. 

MyWellbeing is where we care for each other – looking after our wellbeing is vital, because together we’re stronger. Visit the Wellbeing Hub to learn more about the support in place for your mental health.