Article 7 February 2023

Meet the Stars: Thomas Nightingale

Thomas Nightingale, BMS Operations and Planning Coordinator, Mitie Controls, was awarded a Mitie Star for his role in improving the output of the Mitie Controls team, who, six months ago, went through a period of immense change, losing team members and access to Maximo.

Tom has been at Mitie since August 2021, starting his journey as a Workplace Coordinator, moving on to a role as Supply Chain Advisor, before assuming his current role in the Mitie Controls team in September. Having been on a varied journey over the past year and a half, it may not surprise you to know that his favourite part of his role is how ‘no two days are the same’, as well as the opportunity to problem solve.

Sam Regan, Ops Manager South, recognised Tom alongside his team, as he felt that the Mitie Controls had grown to be the best planning team he has seen in his over seven years of working at Mitie. Tom and the team didn’t just display one instance of going the extra mile, but instead have done this day in, day out, for six months. Their effort included building up asset lists, manually collating reports and trackers, all while having to learn how to plan for a BMS team for the first time.

“It’s felt really good to be recognised for the effort that I have put in with the challenges that we have faced. I was awarded this as well other members of the team Mia Barren and Millie Young and our line manager Abigail Wynne.” – Tom

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