Article 7 March 2023

Meet the Stars: Paul Lee Giblin

Paul (left) was recently awarded a Mitie Star after he intervened in an on-site accident. Whilst working the night shift at around 2am, a taxi driver lost control of their vehicle, driving through a fence and hitting the building structure.

Paul has been working at Mitie for six years, and is based at the Co-op Rochdale Data Centre. Alongside his colleagues Ron and Pat, Paul feels his security knowledge is always improving; he enjoys meeting new people, new colleagues, and getting the opportunity to help them.

“I was surprised when my manager Elvedin brought my Mitie Star and certificate. I felt happy and valued.” – Paul

Elvedin (right) praised Paul’s bravery in dealing with this incident, going on to state just how impressive his quick-thinking was to get all the right people, including emergency services and the on-call duty manager, on site to deal with the emergency.

Paul’s courage in this situation truly brought to life our Mitie Values, demonstrating how ‘Our customers’ business, is our business’.

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