Article 21 February 2023

Meet the Stars: Chloe Brindle

Chloe Brindle, Service Desk Manager, Communities, was recently awarded a Mitie Star for her work when she stepped up into a Supervisor position.

The Service Desk team had put new processes in place to assist site operations recording information, but as is the way with technology, there were some teething issues to resolve. During this time, Chloe eagerly stepped in to offer her extra assistance and support.

Over the past four years at Mitie, Chloe made her start on the PFI Communities Service Desk as an Operative, and last June, progressing to the Supervisor role in June, followed by the Manager role in January. In this time, the standout part of her role has been the people management side – having the opportunity to engage with a team, and driving them forward in the company.

Chloe was recognised by Dennis Shoer, Site Manager, who said that: “Chloe is amazing support for me, she is patient, full of knowledge and always a pleasure to talk to.” Her efforts have clearly demonstrated the ‘We are one Mitie’ value, building great relationships and supporting those around her.

“It [receiving a Mitie Star] has made me feel super appreciated! Additionally, without ever meeting Dennis face to face, it has made me realise the value and importance of good communication and how it can boost engagement, productivity and cooperation…. making healthy relationships with other colleagues across the company.” – Chloe

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