Article 17 December 2021

Meet the Parents & Carers network team

Have you heard about our new diversity network for parents and carers? Launched this year to support colleagues with parenting and carer responsibilities, the network has appointed three co-chairs and is currently gearing up for a busy first full year in 2022.

The network’s purpose is to raise awareness in the workplace so that we can become a fully inclusive and progressive business. As part of this, the network will actively promote and champion all the parents and carers within our business. Its priorities for 2022 include:

  • Benchmarking our current policies related to parents and carers against those of other organisations and best practice
  • Raising awareness of the impact on work/life balance for our parents and carers when they are juggling work, care and family commitments
  • Enabling people to share their experiences in a safe environment​​​​​​​

Meet the executive sponsor and co-chairs of the network

All networks have an executive sponsor who is part of the MGX. This ensures that the networks agenda and the overall D&I strategy is always present in the discussion.

The Executive sponsor for the network is Alice Woodwark, Managing Director of Communities. Alice said: I am thrilled to be the exec for our new Parents & Carers network.  So many of our colleagues are parents or carers – and often both. I’m a working mum with three daughters, and my friends and colleagues at Mitie include people who care for grown-up children, parents, foster parents and adoptive parents. It’s a privilege to be able to work with our Parents & Carers network to support and recognise this group and make Mitie an even better place to work.

The co-chairs of the network are Lisa Thomas, Russ Trent and Richard Insull.

Lisa Thomas, Transformation Director in Business Services, explains why she was so keen to get involved: “Juggling work and family responsibilities is tough, and you can easily sacrifice one over the other. I’m passionate about people having access to support and tools to help them take control and have the best work/life balance possible whilst still being able to progress in their career if they want to.”

Richard Insull, Strategic Account Director in Business Services, adds: “I want to be able to use my experiences, both good and bad, past and present, to support others in similar situations and raise awareness of the challenges that are faced and how we can overcome those challenges.”

Russ Trent, Escorting Services Director in Care & Custody, shares his hopes for the network: “This is a great opportunity to build a strong group of allies to share experiences and support each other. As we build a better understanding of the issues across the entire business there is an opportunity to develop our processes and adjust policy to build a happier more efficient workforce.”

Watch this space for more updates from the network and an introduction to the steering committee in the new year.

Parents & Carers is one of our seven diversity & inclusion networks. To join this network and any of the others, please complete our diversity networks form.