Article 27 October 2022

Meet one of our Mitie Stars this month, Claudia Barrios

Claudia Barrios, Soft Service Manager on the DWP contract was awarded a Mitie Star this month for going the extra mile and applying everything she had learned from mentoring to her role.

Claudia, who started as a cleaner in 2007, was originally brought onboard as a Manager on the contract at DWP, managing cleaners on the contract through the global pandemic. She is now Soft Service Manager, supporting two Facility Managers across 12 sites and 60 cleaners.

Claudia has been undertaking mentoring from her Facility Manager, as she’s keen to progress in Mitie to the role of Facility Manager one day. Claudia was awarded her star for applying the knowledge she has got through mentoring to her current role and for always helping and supporting the team and going the extra mile.

Claudia receiving her Star!

Claudia said:

“I was so happy and emotional when I received my Star. I love to learn and it’s so nice to see that my hard work is being recognised at Mitie.”

Anwar Khan, Claudia’s manager said:

“I’m really enjoying mentoring Claudia as I love to share knowledge and nurture new talent and it is always a proud moment when you see them succeed and apply in the best possible way.”

Well done Claudia for the great work!

We’ve polished our Stars process following your feedback that it was clunky, not user-friendly and that it took a long time for colleagues to receive their Star. So, we’ve revamped the process to make it easier, more accurate, and quicker for you, including a new form with more guidance and prompts to help you easily nominate a colleague for a Mitie Star. 

Anyone can nominate a Mitie employee for a Star. So, if you have a colleague who has gone above and beyond for customers or colleagues – delivering the exceptional, every day – nominate them for a Mitie Star today.

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