Article 16 January 2023

Make 2023 your year for wellbeing

As we start a new year many of us will be focusing on improving our health.  Many of us set new year resolutions to improve our health and many will already have been broken.  Maintaining our wellbeing should be something that we all do, because to be well enables us to live and work to the full and also enables us to be able to support and care for others. 

With today being Blue Monday, known as the most depressing day of the year, Enable and the Health and Wellbeing team are sharing tips, ideas and support available to help you through this period and to support your wellbeing in 2023. 

Enable Network- things to do to lift your spirits

Whilst there is no ‘hard science’ behind the theory of Blue Monday (it was originally a PR stunt from a travel company), many of us will recognise and appreciate the idea behind it. For some, it may be a light-hearted way to open up a serious discussion about our own mental health struggles, or give us a prompt to check on a friend we’re secretly worried about. No one should suffer in silence and the Enable Network will continue to promote the tools available internally at Mitie.

Things you can try and lift your spirits:

  • Exercise – exercise releases endorphins which can boost your mood
  • Sunshine – sunshine increases your serotonin levels which can help stave off seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
  • Diet – a positive diet change can have a positive impact on your self esteem
  • Sleep – ensure your body and mind get a solid 7-8 hours sleep a night

Beyond that, simply doing something you enjoy can improve the way you are feeling.

This year, Enable are also turning Blue Monday into Brew Monday! Find time today to have a quick cup of tea or a call or Teams call with a colleague or friends and family. 

Wellness action plans

Are you thinking that you would like to have a focus on your wellbeing but don’t know where to start?  Wellness action plans can help you to identify the positive things that you can do to support your wellbeing and also identify what is negatively impacting your wellbeing so that you can make changes.  Wellness action plans help you to self-reflect and understand the best ways you can support your wellbeing and also what support you might need from others.

You can use wellness action plans just for yourself, but you could also use them to have a conversation with yourself or your colleagues so that we can foster a culture where we know what impacts each other’s wellbeing and what is the best support that we can give each other.

The wellness action plans are available here, why not have a go at completing it and make some achievable commitments that you will make in 2023.  Remember Wellness action plans are not a one-off activity and something that you should review regularly. 

Support available: 

  • Ensuring your voice informs our planning, we listened to colleague feedback around our Employee Assistance Programme, Vita Health. It is now easier than ever to seek support through the programme, as you can access the website, freephone number and counselling without needing a referral from your manager.  
  • The Vita Health website also brings a range of resources to your fingertips, covering topics ranging across Healthy EatingMaintaining a positive mindsetStress-busting strategies and more. 
  • Finally, a service which is available not only to you, but members of your household – Virtual GP. By using the Virtual GP, you can flexibly schedule a GP consultation to access expert advice, reassurance and where appropriate, diagnosis, without needing to leave your home.