Article 2 March 2023

Lloyds- taking action on your feedback in Upload

Since last year’s Upload, Mitie’s employee engagement survey, lots of initiatives have been introduced and embedded on the Lloyd’s Banking Group account to put Mitie’s colleagues’ feedback into action.  

Last year’s results highlighted an appetite for colleagues to see their contributions and ideas recognised as well as greater visibility and understanding of the future plan and engagement through communication.  

  • This ‘Sparked’ an idea and from this feedback, the SPARK initiative was launched. A simple concept, incentivising great ideas from our people that are reviewed and if implemented, carry a cash reward.  
  • An Added Value Tracker was introduced, asking colleagues to share great examples of where they’ve added value by completing a quick form. The team have received over 120 examples on the tracker which they share and promote in case studies and colleagues’ stories across the account channels and with LBG so all colleagues can share in the success. 
  • Created an annual engagement plan that included all cyclical colleague touchpoints, committing to all account communication through several events like All Hands Call, celebrated days and joint events, working in partnership with LBG to achieve great results.  
  • The LBG Account Leadership Conference brought together leaders and Senior Leadership team to talk through 2023 plans and the part they play in empowering, inspiring and motivating their teams for the year ahead.  

“I enjoyed the whole day, but the most enjoyable and interesting part of the day for me was the session delivered by Drew Povey. He is a very interesting and engaging presenter, and the subject matter around positive thinking and influencing made me reflect on how I interact with people and what I can do to improve.”
​​​​​​​Darran Hodgson, Supply Chain Business Partner 

At Mitie, everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. 

So when we have something to say, MyVoice makes sure our message gets through – loud and clear. 
By giving us all the opportunity to speak and be heard, we make things better, together.  

There are plenty of ways to share your insights and ideas for improving work at Mitie, including the employee engagement survey, Upload. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing what teams and managers have changed and improved because of the feedback you gave in Upload.