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As the world around us changes, it’s critical that we adapt our approach to learning and development to match. Our learning offer has been built to meet the demands of the modern working environment and replicate how we live our lives. Read about our offering below.

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Induction & Onboarding

The first few weeks are among the most important for a new employee.

​​​​​​​Our induction portal, induction eLearning and manager tools are designed to help our new starters become familiar with their new business quickly and get up and running in their new role as quickly as possible.

All new starters and hiring managers can access the material.

Before Day 1:

New starters can access the Induction Portal.

After Day 1:

New starters should complete their induction curriculum by logging into the Learning Hub.

Manager resources

Managers should visit the L&D MiNet page for useful induction resources including an onboarding toolkit and induction planner.

Licence to Operate

Licence to Operate ensures our people are onboarded and upskilled to deliver a best-in-class service to our customers. Accessed via Learning Hub, your assigned learning modules will be displayed under ‘Courses I have to do’ and will provide the core skills and competencies required to perform your role.

Who is eligible to access it?

All Mitie employees.

When can you access it?

You can access your Licence to Operate learning anytime on any smart device.


For information about SIA licence renewals and top up training, click here.

People Manager Hub & Leading Together Programme

We have a suite of leadership development resources for all people managers in Mitie. We have a People Manager Hub (click here) that provides all the tools and resources to enable you to succeed in one place.    

From the People Manager Hub you’re able to gain access to the Leading Together eLearning programme which will equip you with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to create an environment where your people can thrive. 

The People Manager Hub and Leading Together programme provide layers of leadership learning, giving you the option to learn in bite-sized chunks, accessible whenever and wherever you need it.    

Who is eligible to access it?

All people managers, supervisors and team leaders in Mitie.

When can you access it?

The People Manager Hub is accessible 24/7 and will allow you to complete the Leading Together Programme whenever works best for you..

MyCareer Journey Toolkit

Developing our colleagues is important to us because this is how you can realise your potential and aspirations throughout your career here at Mitie. We want you to have a live career plan that centres around your talents, your strengths and your skills. MyCareer Journey toolkit will help you take ownership of planning your career at Mitie in a proactive way.

It’s accessed via Mitiepeople.com, and is available to everyone. The toolkit allows you to identify the skills required to perform in your current role and explore the skills required to progress your career within Mitie.  You’ll realise your career goals through a personal development plan supported by Mitie Learning resources and your own Manager.

Who is eligible to access it?

All Mitie employees.

When can you access it?

You can access your MyCareer Journey toolkit anytime from any smart device.

Apprenticeships & Qualifications

Apprenticeships are a great way to invest in our people. We want to support our employees to gain valuable qualifications and skills by providing quality training allowing all of our people to learn, develop and progress.

Apprenticeships combine both work and study, with a mix of on-the-job and off-the-job training, to achieve a formal qualification.

Within Mitie we have three different types of apprenticeships: Professional, Management & Leadership, and Technical.

Who is eligible to access it?

All Mitie employees who work a minimum of 30 hours per week and no prior learning or qualification in the same topic.

When can you access it?

You can access the Apprenticeship offering on the Learning Hub, learning anytime on any smart device.

I’m interested – how can I learn more?

Read more about apprenticeships here – includes brochures and FAQs.

Early careers recruitment deadline, 31 March

Digital Content

We want all of our colleagues to have every opportunity to grow and learn during their career with us at Mitie, so access to learning through our learning portal, Learning Hub and Microsoft Learning is a priority.

Learning Hub

On Learning Hub, you’ll find a comprehensive library of engaging digital learning resources on job-related subjects, Mitie values, health and safety, cyber security, managing and leading others, health and wellbeing, personal development, and much more. Browse our eLearning catalogue, to find your way around the huge L&D offering we have in our Learning Hub.

Microsoft Learning

We have access to Microsoft learning through two hubs. There is an internal one which contains basic keys skills on platforms such as Word, PowerPoint and you will be able to use these skills these in your day to day role.
Select to find out more about basic Microsoft 365 Learning (internal)

We also have access to an external portal provided by Microsoft that has learning on more detailed topics such as cloud computing and deeper technical topics on the Microsoft components. This would be useful to get more detailed technical understanding of the full range of Microsoft’s products.
Select to find out more about complex Microsoft Learning (external)

Please be aware that some client sites may restrict access to some websites. Speak to your line manager or contact us if you find you are unable to access Learning Hub.

Man in blue shirt working at a laptop

Talent & Performance

Developing our talent is key to delivering the exceptional everyday. It’s about realising your future potential and aspirations, as well as the steps you can take to achieve them.

Our two main processes are MiReview and our Talent Review.

At Mitie we expect all employees to have regularly conversations with their managers about their performance and development. We call the review, MiReview.  Click this link to learn more about the process and access the MiReview forms.

The Talent Review helps ensure we identify, review, develop and support talent across Mitie. Our line managers, leaders and HR teams play a critical role in making this happen.


There are a range of psychometrics that help you better understand people, their strengths and areas for development. The assessments range from job surveys to 360 Leadership reviews.

If you wish to access an assessment, please complete the request form: L&D McQuaig Psychometric Assessment Request.

. Before making a request, please discuss your development needs with your line manager or HR Business Partner or L&D Business Partner to ensure it’s the suitable development for you.

Diversity meeting

Diversity & Inclusion

‘Count Me In’ is our Diversity & Inclusion development campaign here at Mitie. It’s been designed especially for us, and aims to help us create an environment where everyone feels heard, included and able to bring their true self to work.

With ‘Count Me In,’ we aim to challenge the way you think, encourage you to have conversations, but most importantly, create an environment where every Mitie colleague feels able to bring their whole self to work.

There are four phases to Count Me In:

Count On Me,
Count On Us,
Count On Mitie, and
Count On The Future.

Select to more about Count Me In.


Across the business individuals are mentoring people at all stages of their careers and we want to ensure both mentors and mentees have access to information, resources and support to get the most from their relationships.

Information and support on mentoring will continue to evolve as we develop the Mitie approach to mentoring.

Once more information is available, we’ll share it.

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