Article 2 June 2021

It’s Pride Month 2021

June is LGBTQ Pride Month when we celebrate the impact LGBTQ+ people have had on our world and commemorate the anniversary of the  Stonewall Riots on 28 June. 

Pride is a time for us to reflect on the progress we’ve made towards LGBTQ+ equality and to recognise the hard work of those who’ve fought so hard to achieve this. 

It’s also a time for us to highlight how much more we still need to do. LGBTQ+ people still face unacceptable stigma and discrimination. We continue to see homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in the media, at the workplace, on social media and in everyday life. This is why we need to continue to raise awareness on the issues LGBTQ+ people face and work together to root it out.

Pride is also an important opportunity for us to show support and solidarity for our LGBTQ+ colleagues who do not yet feel comfortable enough to be their true selves at work. It’s everyone’s responsibility, not only theirs, to make sure they do!

The Proud to Be network is working towards ensuring Mitie is a safe space for all LGBTQ+. Over this month we’ll be updating you on the changes we’re making within our business and giving you and your team the tools you need to have open and safe conversations to continue to make sure every colleague can say they are:

“Proud to be me. Proud to be Mitie”