Article 15 December 2022

Introducing Leading Together and the People Manager Hub

Mitie is more than a job. Mitie is an opportunity, a possibility, a commitment. It’s a place we can all flourish and grow and therefore deliver exceptional service to our customers.  

Mitie is nothing without our people, and our People Managers play a pivotal role in making Mitie a great place to work. Over the past 5 months, we have been working with People Managers across Mitie to create a brand-new development offering aimed at our 2,700 Supervisors and Team leaders, as well as our 4,000 existing People Managers. 

To support the continued learning of People Managers, we have launched the People Manager Hub. This is a dedicated hub containing the key resources and tools relating to People Management. 

Alongside this, we have also developed a brand-new leadership programme, Leading Together. The new approach focuses on ‘why’ great leadership is critical to our success, ‘how’ we want our people managers to lead and ‘what’ skills and knowledge they need. 

The development programme has been carefully designed to follow a ‘Learn, Apply, Grow’ approach. This approach ensures that beyond acquiring new knowledge, People Managers will be able to put these skills and behaviours into practice and embed it within their teams for long-term growth. 

The Leading Together programme will release training in five phases over the coming months, covering a broad range of topics around personal development, emotional intelligence, inclusivity and more. The first phase is now live, and all People Managers should complete this. 

If you are a People Manager: 

  • You should complete the first phase of the Leading Together programme, which can be accessed via the People Manager’s Hub
  • We also encourage you to explore the People Manager Hub and familiarise yourself with this new resource and learning space   

We are committed to providing learning and skills development programmes to realise potential, open doors to opportunity and pave career paths. Through our MyCareer offering, there are no limits to what you can achieve at Mitie.