Welcome to the Care & Custody team

You are joining one of the leading providers of outsourced critical public services to vulnerable adults within the immigration, justice and care sectors. Our philosophy is all about delivering brilliant service to the people in our care and creating great training, development and career opportunities for the people we employ.

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Welcome on board!

As a private sector company delivering a range of critical public services to some of the most vulnerable people in our society it is vital that everything we do is driven by making sure our services are ethical, safe and meet the highest performance standards. You are joining a young and vibrant organisation as Care & Custody was only founded in 2009. We already have an enviable record of growth and we’re continuing to expand our services into new areas across the UK. We look forward to you sharing in that success.

We believe public services should drive positive outcomes for citizens, as well as best value. Our people work closely with those in our care to ensure they are kept safe and treated with respect and dignity. We have high expectations of you and we will be demanding. We expect you to adhere to our professional standards, those of any professional body you may belong to and all the regulatory standards that apply to our services. In return we will offer you a great place to work, an environment to learn and develop and a chance to change the lives of the people we care for.

My role is about delivering a professional work environment for you, meeting the high expectations of our public sector commissioners and the needs of the people we care for, creating great career opportunities and listening.

Together, we are making a difference, one person at a time.

If you do have any questions, concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Danny Spencer, Managing Director, Care & Custody

What we do

We’re a longstanding partner to the UK government, helping them manage immigration detention, escorting and healthcare services & facilities management in prison estate. We also deliver forensic medical and detention services to police custody facilities throughout England and Wales.

Our partnerships with the Home Office, Ministry of Justice, NHS England and 14 Police Forces nationally, make us a leading provider of services to the UK criminal justice system… And we’re growing.


  • Are a market leader in our core markets (immigration detention and forensic medical examination)
  • Have a highly experienced, successful senior team that is unrivalled in the sector
  • Have an outstanding reputation for service delivery with our core client base
  • Have a great brand in a market with very few credible competitors

Case Study: A Health Care Professional in Custody

I write this today, but tomorrow it would sound like a totally different job, actually in the next hour it could all change. This is truly a role for people who can think outside, around and in the box. It can change from minute to minute. You can start with a person who is asking for pain relief and end up with an emergency transfer to hospital.

I deal with every condition, from pain relief to emotional support. I also treat withdrawal symptoms from various substances, to pregnant ladies, to mentally unstable juveniles going through a life crisis.

I am a shoulder to cry on, for staff and patients, I am a conduit to other services, I provide sympathy and comfort, and sometimes I have to be more direct and lay down the law.

I need to be computer literate but also be able to ditch technology in favour of a more humane approach. I need to have the heart of an angel and the hide of an elephant. I have to tolerate bad behaviour and still treat the person with respect.

I am calm in a crisis and passionate about the work I do. I care.

I need to ensure that procedures are followed correctly, that audits are completed, that nursing and police documentation are up to date.

I am not superwoman I am a HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL trying to help people, who often don’t want help, who need help. I care.

Case Study: A Residential Manager

No two days are the same in this role, having spent 14 years in my role which is what makes it so interesting. On arriving at work, firstly I liaise with the other Residential Managers on duty and then with the Duty Shift Manager for a brief on the overnight events at the Centre. Myself and the other Residential Managers will then visit our areas of responsibility for the day and brief the staff on any issues or relevant information.

After this I will meet up back with the other Residential Managers and we will plan the daily meeting with the detainees who are at risk of self-harm to conduct a multi-discipline review with them which can include contributions from the RMN Team, Psychology Team, Home Office and any stakeholders that may assist in keeping the detainee safe whilst under Mitie’s care at the Centre.

My role also includes incident management when the need arises, attending briefings, meetings, handling staffing issues, investigations, grievances, supporting staff on the Units. There is a lot of interaction dealing with detainee’s requests and complaints. Overall ensuring the smooth running of the Centre with my colleagues.

For me, ultimately the best part of the job is interacting with the detainees and hearing about these issues and how we may be able to reassure and assist them as detention can be a fearful and daunting time for them.

The great things our customers say about our teams:

Commitment to joint working and cooperative

Ease of engagement and partnership working. Ethos of detainee care and welfare.

Clear protocols in place and followed. Fantastic relationship with the contract manager.

Responsiveness of management team. Excellent staff/detainee relationships – community feel!

Openness, respectful, flexibility, diligent, commitment, communication, professionalism.

Meet the Team

Danny Spencer

Managing Director, Care & Custody

Ben Saunders

Director of Business Development

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