Article 7 March 2023

HMRC- taking action on your feedback in Upload

Since the latest Upload – Mitie’s employee engagement survey- lots of work has been taking place across the business to put your voice and feedback into action.  

 On the HMRC account, key pieces of feedback highlighted were around improved communication and engagement from management (both local and senior), access to personal and professional development, and increased reward and recognition.  

 As a result of this feedback, the team at HMRC have:  

  • Established clear channels of communications, with a simple escalation process for colleagues who need to communicate directly with line management or escalate any concerns or issues to our senior account management team.   
  • Significantly increased front line colleague engagement. Management site visits now include mandated time to be spent with our frontline teams  
  • Spread awareness of the career development opportunities available, including apprenticeship courses and learning hub. Dedicated training laptops are being deployed on site to further facilitate this access, so that colleagues can easily complete their training  
  • Educated frontline colleagues on the benefits packages available to them including MiDeals and online GP  
  • We are working in collaboration with HMRC to develop a reward and recognition scheme – linked to suggestions for improvement posted though Merlin 
  • Mitie Stars – setting a target of nominations per month to ensure colleagues are being recognised for their efforts   
  • Added engagement and communication as agenda topics, offering a space for colleagues to openly exchange their experiences, ideas and examples of best practice  
“I am delighted to see how our management teams have stepped up to take on the challenge to improve engagement with our front-line colleagues across the HMRC estate” The systems and processes we’ve implemented since the 2022 Upload have already made a real difference. I’m very proud of the progress we’ve made, however we can’t take our foot off the gas just yet, we’re on a journey and there is still a lot to do.” – Mark Driscoll, Strategic Account Manager

At Mitie, everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. 

So when we have something to say, MyVoice makes sure our message gets through – loud and clear. 

By giving us all the opportunity to speak and be heard, we make things better, together.  

There are plenty of ways to share your insights and ideas for improving work at Mitie, including the employee engagement survey, Upload. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing what teams and managers have changed and improved because of the feedback you gave in Upload. Keep up to date here