Article 30 January 2023

Harsh’s sustainability tips

We’re always hearing about the need to be more environmentally friendly, but where to start? Harsh Pitrota, Energy & Sustainability Manager in the Mitie Ireland team, is an energy enthusiast. He wants to make the world a climate neutral place to live.

Harsh has been sharing tips on easy and practical things we can all do to make a difference. Here are two for starters:

Find ways to do more walking
The recommended daily amount of steps for better health is 10,000 steps – which equates to about eight kilometres. If that’s not an incentive to walk into the town or to your grocery store as opposed to hopping in the car, think of all the good you’ll be doing to the environment.

Fewer car trips = less CO2 emissions = happier planet.

Be more eco-friendly when food shopping
Plastic. We all know it’s bad, yet we continue to load our shopping trolleys up with the stuff during every weekly shop. It’s time to stop! Next time I’m at the supermarket, I’ll pick up the loose produce wherever possible and will not bother with a plastic bag at all. Will you?

Thanks Harsh! Watch this space for more tips.

In the meantime, you can always visit our Plan Zero page for other ways to be more sustainable at home and at work. The page also has information on Mitie’s mission to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2025.