Article 13 August 2021

Count Me In: The story so far

A Diversity and Inclusion update from Jasmine Hudson

Count On Me

Dear colleagues,

Count Me In is our D&I learning campaign which aims to create an environment where all colleagues feel heard, included and able to bring their true selves to work. In March, we launched phase one of the campaign called, Count On Me. This first phase was designed to help us develop our own personal understanding of our strengths, the assumptions we make and our ability to give and receive open and honest feedback. We did this through three main activities:

  • Let Me Tell You A Story;
  • Super Powers eLearning; and
  • Inclusivity Truth-Teller (Completed by the Mitie Leadership Team, or MLT).

I’m pleased to say nearly 7,800 colleagues completed ‘Let Me Tell You a Story’. We had over 460 colleagues rate the MLT in the ‘Inclusivity Truth-Teller’ and over 5,000 of you can now identify your strengths through the Super Powers eLearning. If you haven’t completed any of the activities, there’s still time. Go to

It might not seem like it, but there’s so much we’ve learnt about ourselves over the past few months, and it’s valuable information that we don’t want you to forget. So, before we round off this phase, I’ve one more activity I’d like you to complete, the Count On Me reflections. This activity will only take a few minutes, but it allows you to capture what you’ve discovered and the commitments you’ve made for yourself, all in one place. Moving forward we’ll be completing one of these at the end of each phase of Count Me In.

Count On Us

Introducing Count On Us. This second phase is all about our team culture. For a team to be successful, it requires a safe environment where colleagues feel valued for who they are, not fearful of being judged, invalidated, or experiencing discrimination. This phase focuses on promoting an environment where it’s safe to speak up, increasing empathy and improving team relationships.

During Team Talk Live, we held a training session on Speaking Up for Inclusion. This session guides you through an easy-to-follow structure on how to speak up about any situation, so that you can clearly get your point across, in a respectful and responsive way. Watch the Speaking Up for Inclusion session and use this worksheet to follow the four-step process.

To build an inclusive team, you need to know more about your colleagues than simply what they do at work. Having conversations that help you get to know and understand each other’s backgrounds can help you find out how they got to be the person they are and who they want to become. We’ve created a Team Talk to spark these conversations, helping you to build a more inclusive team.

To wrap up, I have three asks of you:

  1. Complete the Count On Me reflections sheet. If there are any activities in the Count On Me phase you have not completed, please complete them. Everything is available at
  2. Watch the Speaking Up for Inclusion session which was part of Team Talk Live. Don’t forget to download the worksheet to guide you through the four stages of speaking up.
  3. Gather together on your next team meeting and complete the Sparking Conversations Team Talk. This will help you build a stronger team and sets the foundation for the other activities in the Count On Us Phase.

I look forward to speaking to you all soon.


Jasmine Hudson, Group HR Director