Article 14 June 2022

Count Me In – Count on the Future

A Diversity and Inclusion update from Jasmine Hudson

In 2020 we set out to deliver an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion campaign with the aim of provoking our thinking, to encourage conversations, and to help us all to create an environment in Mitie where everyone feels heard, included and comfortable enough to bring our true selves to work.

Since we launched Count Me In we’ve seen over 23,000 inclusivity commitments from colleagues, over 50 colleagues have personally featured in the learning activities and we’ve had over 48,000 colleague interactions with the learning. We’re now at the end of the formal learning of the campaign and I wanted to thank you for your commitment and involvement in the programme. Your contributions and feedback at every stage have helped it evolve and make sure it’s been designed specifically to your needs.

We’re proud of what we’ve delivered and have been recognised for this unique programme at the Business Culture Awards 2021, winning awards for Best Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiative and Best Learning Initiative for Business Culture.

Count Me In was delivered across four phases with each one focusing on the different ways in which Our Diversity Makes Us Stronger in the workplace:

  • Launch – We kicked off the campaign by getting your input to help understand where we are with inclusivity and how to shape the programme
  • Count on Me – The first learning phase got us to recognise the value that each person brings through their own uniqueness. It aimed to help people identify their strengths and understand how they can really leverage these. Let me tell you a story and What are your superpowers? received great feedback and got people talking.
  • Count on Us – Through Sparking conversations and Can I Say? this phase focused on promoting an environment where it’s safe to speak up, increasing empathy and improving team relationships.
  • Count on Mitie – The final learning phase looked at how we can work collectively as a culture to help people feel they belong, that their unique talents matter and that their individual needs are cared for by their colleagues and leaders. Speak Up! was one of the powerful activities to help people understand the impact of behaviour and how to tackle it.

All the activities are still available, so if you haven’t completed some of them or just want to have a look again please take a look on the Count Me In portal.

We’re all responsible for creating a diverse and inclusive environment, and although we’re at the end of the formal learning campaign, it isn’t the end of our commitment to improving equality, diversity and inclusion at Mitie.

In January 2022, we recruited Sim Sian as Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, to lead on this very important agenda and to support us as we navigate our way to making Mitie a Great Place to Work. We want to be the destination employer that people join, to grow their careers, to receive industry leading benefits and to work with exceptional people.

We will soon be launching our new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy which comprises of four core pillars

  • Developing an Inclusive Organisation: Nurturing a culture where everyone feels they belong by ensuring managers have the tools to build and sustain an inclusive culture
  • Creating Career Fulfilment: Ensuring everyone at Mitie has the opportunity to grow, develop and find support.
  • Amplifying our Colleague Voice: Providing our colleagues with the support and platforms they need to guarantee their voices are heard.
  • Driving Business Growth: Encouraging our creativity and innovation to come together to provide industry leading products and services.

To support the delivery of our new strategy, we have set out a detailed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion action plan that will help us to achieve these ambitions. We can’t do this alone: we will need every colleague to play their part. More information will follow in the coming weeks.

If you have any feedback or would like to get involved please contact us at