Article 27 February 2023

Communities- taking action on your feedback in Upload

Since the latest Upload – Mitie’s employee engagement survey- lots of work has been taking place across the business to put your voice and feedback into action. 

Over in Communities, there were a few key areas where colleagues fed back on seeking improvements. There was a focus on Reward & Recognition, visibility of and connection with Senior Leadership, and strengthening the systems & processes in place. 

As a result of this feedback, here are some of the actions that have been taken in Communities: ​​​​​​​

  • Regular ‘Meet Up’ listening sessions have been implemented by the MCX, Regional and Local Managers 
  • The ‘Meet Ups’ are utilised to ensure constructive feedback on systems & processes, and that this information is shared with relevant teams in CMU & across Mitie, including MGX for critical issues. 
  • Supported employees with the cost-of-living crisis through the Winter Support Package helping our most vulnerable colleagues.
  • Increased the number of colleagues above or on the real living wage from 62% to 75%.
  • Used our monthly manager briefing call to share updates on process and systems such as Wipro and Coupa

“Putting the time aside showed that our concerns are considered a priority at MGX level, giving reassurance that improvements will follow. Putting a clear structure in place around the listening sessions allows account leads and contract management teams to cascade this approach with consistency, in turn ensuring our staff feel heard and valued.”
​​​​​​​- Ryan Nelson, Account Director 

At Mitie, everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. 
So when we have something to say, MyVoice makes sure our message gets through – loud and clear. 
By giving us all the opportunity to speak and be heard, we make things better, together.  
There are plenty of ways to share your insights and ideas for improving work at Mitie, including the employee engagement survey, Upload. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing what teams and managers have changed and improved because of the feedback you gave in Upload. ​​​​​​​