Article 7 November 2022

Celebrating success at the IWFM Awards!

We are delighted to have been named winner of the IWFM Impact Change Management Award! 

This award celebrates our introduction and progress of the Net Promotor Score (NPS) programme, which enables a more measurable approach to gathering customer feedback and allowing the customer voice to be at the heart of our strategic planning. 

The early NPS surveys highlighted three core areas for improvement: business approach; client delivery; and ownership of service lines. To directly address these, we introduced a new organisational model which saw Account Leads becoming Strategic Account Managers (SAMs), a group of approximately 250 colleagues who ‘own’ key customer relationships. 

The above is just one example of the NPS programme in action; the past five years have seen more than 1,000 of our client organisations surveyed through the programme, with an incredible 600 action plans implemented as a result. We now see a 53% survey completion rate, well above the industry standard of 30%, and this is key to ensuring we are hearing from a range of customers. 

Ultimately, our NPS scores have grown from -27 in 2017, to +51 in 2022, which really demonstrates the power of strategic change and listening to customers. 

We’re always looking to build upon our strengths to deliver the exceptional every day. With this in mind, we are looking to expand our NPS Champions Network, who are responsible for spreading a clear, consistent message on why we use NPS, and why it matters to our businesses and customers.  

To learn more about our NPS programme, contact our Customer Insight team.