Mitie’s Career Band Framework

Welcome from Jas Hudson, Chief People Officer

“Mitie is more than a workplace. It’s so much more than a job. Mitie is an opportunity, a possibility, a commitment. It’s a place we can all flourish and grow.

We want our people to have long and successful careers here at Mitie, so we’re passionate about helping you to reach your potential. That is why we have created the Career Band Framework. Put simply, the Framework will help you to understand where your role sits within Mitie and the role you play in the business.

“Combined with the MyCareer toolkit, our new career pathway platform, you can use the framework to plan your career at Mitie, make informed choices about your learning, and really invest in your personal development. Please take the time to read on for more information and I wish you all the best with your personal development.”

At a glance
  • The introduction of the Career Band Framework (CBF) helps to make Mitie a great place to work.
  • All jobs have been analysed and aligned to the new Framework.
  • The new framework will help our colleagues to plan their development and career journey at Mitie.
  • The framework will be reviewed annually.
  • People’s current benefits and remuneration will not be affected immediately.

Mitie is a large complex business and our people are critical to our success. So that you can see where your job sits and how you can progress at Mitie, we’ve created a Career Band Framework.

The Framework gives a simplified overview of the business and the different levels that colleagues work at. By taking a consistent approach across Mitie – irrespective of business areas – you can be confident on your role and how you can grow your career with us. We aim to become an even greater place to work, with our Framework helping us to attract, retain and motivate exceptional people.

Use the Framework to plan your career journey, make career choices with confidence and understand the expectations of your role. If you’re a manager, use it to support career conversations and showcase the depth and breadth of roles across Mitie, encouraging colleagues to progress their career with us.

We developed the Framework in collaboration with an external provider, and the underpinning approach is based on the Willis Towers Watson Global Grading methodology.

There are many benefits to having a formal Career Band Framework in place:

Business benefits:Colleagues will:
Clear understanding of critical skills gaps for enhanced resource planningKnow where they fit in the framework
Talent management and capability development, and reward infrastructure developmentUnderstand how they can progress their career and own their career development
Organisation design and effectiveness, and data and analytics on people and organisationKnow what they have to do to maximise their capability
Governance and control, including visibility of internal talent to reduce external hiresHave clearly defined progression routes and opportunity to progress internally
Improved employee satisfaction and engagementBenefit from transparent and equitable reward packages
Reduced turnover, improved productivity, and expanded workforce agilityBe more engaged and fulfilled
What is the Career Band Framework?

The Career Band Framework provides a simplified view of the business and the different levels that colleagues work at. It’s a sequence of bands containing jobs of a comparable size and level.

We’ve worked with external Reward experts, to ensure that we are in line with the market and adhering to best practice. We will also engage with external experts as we introduce further structure around our organisational hierarchy, compensation and benefits.

The Framework is organised by Value Streams, Job Families, Sub Job Families and Bands.

Click the image above to view all Mitie Jobs in the Framework. Or click below to view the Mitie Jobs in each Value Stream separately:

Business Development | Business Support | Business Management | Business Soft Services | Technical Hard Services | Specialist Services

This is the grouping of jobs into recognisable condensed segments, by types of work and skills required. The Job Structure has been created by grouping over 4,000 different job titles into 6 Value Streams, 40 Job Families (plus 70 Sub Job Families) and 400 Mitie Jobs.

If you are in Group Functions, then you will find your Mitie Job in the Business Development or Business Support Value Streams.

A Value Stream is a cluster of job families where the overall orientation of the work is broadly similar. There are six Value Streams and each one helps navigation of the architecture of the Career Band Framework and assists managers and colleagues quickly find what they need. The Value Streams are:

  • Business Development: The management, marketing and extension of business opportunity with customers and clients through the processes of communicating, marketing, pricing and bidding of Mitie capability to identify and tender for new work. Here the emphasis is on building relationships, communicating capability, delivery of cost competitive quotations and tenders, and winning business.
  • Hard Services: The delivery of frontline technical services to customers involving the maintenance and management of buildings and facilities. Here the emphasis is on timely delivery of a cost-effective service consistent with contractual arrangements and agreements.
  • Soft Services: The provision of frontline services to customers involving provision of a safe working environment (e.g., cleaning & security) or the provision of customer services (e.g., catering, front of house, service desk, etc.). Here the emphasis is on timely delivery of a cost-effective service consistent with contractual arrangements and agreements.
  • Specialist Services: A cluster of frontline delivery job families where the requirement is to provide direct management of people within an asset or facility and contractual framework (e.g., custodial). Here the emphasis is on the safe management of the detention or restriction of movement of people.
  • Business Management: A cluster of job families involved in the management of delivery of frontline work. These families contain Mitie jobs that are commonly used across all delivery streams (soft, hard and specialised). Typical job families include contract management, delivery management, project management and logistics.
  • Business Support: The provision of services in support of frontline delivery and frontline staff. This includes financial control, information technology and people management services. In this value stream the emphasis is on delivery of a quality service at a prescribed level of cost. Business enabling staff would typically communicate and work with internal customers and have little contact with external stakeholders.

Job Families are groupings of jobs with similar characteristics, focusing on common competencies, skills and knowledge.

Sub Job Families are a subgroup of the Job Family, which divides the Job Family into more specific characteristics.

Career Bands

This systematically sizes and levels jobs relative to each other, creating a rank order of jobs by size and scope that results in a ‘grade’ for each Mitie Job. Job grades are then grouped into broad bands to create a clear hierarchy structure for the organisation in the format of Career Bands.

The Framework has been introduced to underpin Mitie’s people objective, ‘To make Mitie a Great Place to Work, to become the Employer of Choice in the FM Industry’.

Once implemented and embedded the framework will:

  • Enhance our overall employee value proposition (EVP) and aid the attraction, retention and motivation of employees.
  • Create an integrated talent and reward framework.
  • Create a platform from which our People Strategy can be built and be instrumental in becoming the ‘employer of choice’ within the FM industry and continuing to create ‘a great place to work’.

Colleagues have been asking for a banding and pay Framework via our annual Upload survey. Here’s a sample of feedback:

“More grading on roles”

“Better pay structure for new starters and long term staff”

“Introduce ‘levels’ to each department”

“Pay structure should be fair and consistent”

The Career Band Framework will help us organise our roles in a logical manner, making it easier for us to deliver core HR activities. The Framework will support effective decision making, provide valuable insights about our colleague base and simplify HR administration. We’ll be able to incorporate band information in our management information analysis and reporting.

We are a very large organisation and we have structured our roles into bands for a simple, consistent Framework that fits all of Mitie. We want business leaders to know that we now have a robust way of organising our roles which will provide them with insight to assist their decision making. The band information is designed to give Reward and HR teams an additional level of detail to support them as they deliver core HR activities.

The Framework has been embedded within Resourcing and Fleet since October 2021 and will be used to underpin most HR and Reward activities. For example, the band will enable us to define the benefits to be offered to a role and in time, the salary range.

A Band is a wide category containing multiple Mitie Jobs of a similar size. There are nine bands in Mitie ranging from Bands M0 to M7.3, with Band M0 being the most senior.

What's in it for me?

The Career Band Framework has enabled us to focus and develop a new toolkit called MiCareer. We recognise that giving our people opportunities to develop and grow is fundamental to us delivering the exceptional every day. Developing our colleagues is important to us because this is how you can realise your potential and aspirations throughout your career here at Mitie. To find out more and start developing your career plan click here.

We’d like to let you know where your Mitie role fits in the Framework and this information can be found on People Hub. Please login, via Minet and navigate to the Career Band Framework section on People Hub where you will be able to view which Mitie Job, Job Family, Sub Job Family, Value Stream and Band have been assigned to your role.

For more information on how to find this, please watch the short video below:

If you would like to dispute your Career Band Framework information assigned to you, then please fill out this form and discuss with your line manager in the first instance. Please note, this process sits separate to the grievance process. All appeals will be reviewed by your Line Manager, HR Business Partner and HR Director before a decision will be made and before any appropriate changes can be actioned. Please note, this process can take up to 3 months. You will be notified via a letter of the final decision

The Career Band Framework determines the band of the Mitie Job, not the colleague. All colleagues doing the same role will be in the same band. Performance in the role or length of service do not impact on the band or Mitie Job.

Performance is discussed and the performance rating captured during the MiReview performance review process. For salaried roles, the MiReview performance rating is considered for any salary review and for bonus if a role is eligible to participate in a Mitie bonus scheme. Performance is also considered should a colleague choose to apply for a promotion within Mitie.

Outstanding performance is also recognised via Mitie’s recognition programmes including Mitie Stars and Mitie Exceptional Awards. Length of service is recognised through Mitie’s long service awards.

Check out our Celebration Hub to learn more about recognition at Mitie.

If a colleague’s role changes, HR will assess what the impact is on their Mitie Job and in turn, Band.

The Framework will be used to determine the benefits eligibility for new starters and promotions. In the future, we’ll be developing salary ranges linked to each Band, which will be referenced against the external market on a regular basis. In the meantime, Group Reward can provide guidance on the correct salary range for each Mitie Job.

Mitie is a complex organisation, including many colleagues who have joined us via TUPE or acquisitions. There are no immediate plans to harmonise existing benefits, but as roles and the business evolve we will continue to keep it under review on a contract by contract or sector basis.

For more information on the Career Band Framework, please view our supporting documents below:

Career Band Framework guide | Career Band Framework FAQ

Career planning at Mitie

We know the number one question that our colleagues ask is, ‘How do I progress my career at Mitie?’.

So, we’ve developed a career planning tool called ‘MiCareer’ to help you plan your career journey and share this with your line manager.

Click this link to head to the MiCareer page on Mitie People to start your journey.