Article 23 April 2021

British Security Awards Regional Wins

“Wow. What a fantastic achievement by all the individuals and teams recognised at the Regional Awards. The BSAs are an extremely prestigious set of awards in the Security industry, so to take so many shows just how incredible a job the teams have done in the last year. I’m so proud of every one of our frontline heroes. Well done to all and good luck at the National Awards in June!”

Jason Towse, MD Business Services

We’ve beaten our record again at the Regional British Security Awards (BSAs). On 20 April the winners of the BSA’s which are hosted by the British Security Industry Association were announced. We won an astonishing 25 of the 65 entries we submitted. This smashed through last years record, bring even more recognition to our amazing frontline heroes.

All the regional winners now go forward into the National Awards, with winners of the Nationals announced 30 June.

We want to highlight the great work our colleagues have done to gain this recognition, so over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing summaries of why they won. This week we’re covering Katelyn Gordon – Best Newcomer, Stephen Penney – Security Manager of the Year and Kacem Benjalloun – Outstanding Act.

Katelyn Gordon – Best Newcomer:

In a short period, Katelyn has established herself as a reliable well equipped customer service advisor, obtaining both her Ds and CCTV badges and introducing herself to the security business.

Katelyn is assured and competent and excels in the delivery of communication along with the understanding of what the role is. She is a quick learner who has been involved in all incidents that arise within a shopping centre environment. Her knowledge base has grown exponentially as she familiarises herself with the requirements and expectations surrounding a CCTV operator and the different set of skills required.

Katelyn has stepped up to cover the security shift manager and has demonstrated a keen interest in advancing within the industry. She has now been brought in on the wider security business to broaden her knowledge and introduce a new opinion on working procedures and processes while learning about the operations manager’s role.

She is an incredibly hard-working and dedicated individual who has inspired her colleagues to improve their own performance and work hard to achieve desired results.

Stephen Penney – Security Manager of the Year:

The last 12 months have been an incredible challenge for everyone, and that challenge has been particularly prominent within the security industry. The impact specific to those working in a retail environment has been devastating at times, through uncertainty and job losses. To have the will power and determination to get through such a difficult time has taken its toll on everyone, affecting people in varying ways. However, wherever possible the nation has pulled together to support one another.

The Broadway team (managed by Steve) is a perfect example of how leadership, compassion, understanding, and pride in what we do has been vital to seeing us through this pandemic. Steve’s ability to lead from the front and consider the impact of every decision is by design and is part of what makes him a brilliant industry leader. Steve personally guided his security team of 30+ people through the last 12 months, in addition to leading the entire cleaning and customer service teams. He has equipped our customer with the correct intelligence and analytics to ensure that every decision along the way took both the business and all its people into consideration. 

Steve has led from the front through the coordination of COVID applicable processes and procedures, in addition to designing and delivering education to increase the skill of our people. These measures ensured they not only understood the risks associated with the new environment we now work in every day, but also built their confidence to attend work every day with a smile, knowing that they were as safe as they possibly could be, and continued to deliver exceptional services to our customer and their customers.

Steve has chaired numerous meetings regarding the furlough requirements of our people due to the centre being required to close at times. Throughout these meetings, Steve provided our people with the confidence that this is not forever, and they did have a job to return to. Managing an emotional situation with varying levels of understanding and personal circumstance is a difficult message to deliver in any situation. Steve has worked throughout the Covid-19 pandemic in challenging circumstances, and I know whenever I have spoken with him, he has remained a sounding board and pillar of support for all the team on site, to support their wellbeing and mental health through a challenging time.

Steve is a caring individual who treats everyone in his team with equal respect all the time. His ability to set aside any personal concerns in the background, and provide his team with a confident, well informed, and caring leader is what makes him the leader he is today and why he is so well thought of, not only within his team, but our customer, our business, and the local community of Bradford. Evidence of this is we have not lost a single person from our team, which is fantastic. 

 Steve’s role for The Broadway is far greater than just his role within the Security team. He demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities across all soft service lines, mentoring and supporting the teams to ensure everyone within the team delivers successfully. He supports and works collaboratively with the Housekeeping Manager on a daily basis, often offering his own ideas and thoughts on how to best achieve results, bringing added value to the service at the centre, from new ways of working, to amended shift times and innovative ideas around waste and machinery.

Kacem Benjalloun – Outstanding Act:

On Thursday the 3 September, Kacem was on duty at Sainsbury’s Whitechapel (night shift) when he was monitoring the perimeter of the store via the CCTV podium where he noticed a female standing on the edge of the car park on the second floor.

Kacem immediately went to the car park and saw the female who appeared to be under the influence of drugs and was being verbally abusive. Kacem then notified a member of management who then joined Kacem at the scene with the distressed female still standing on the edge of the car park wall where they then called police who arrived approximately five minutes later.

When the police attended, they engaged in dialogue with the female who then attempted to jump before Kacem and one of the police officers were able to catch her safely. Police and the store praised the efforts of Kacem, had he not been vigilant and quick to respond, the incident could have resulted in a tragic fatality.

The way in which Kacem dealt with this incident displays his ability to react to challenging situations that are emotionally charged whilst remaining calm under the pressure. He is a true role model and a measure that anyone working within a similar role in security should aspire to reach.

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